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To the Editor:

I am writing to lend my full support for Bill Cabral for 120th District state representative. I have known Bill for many years and he is dedicated. Carol, his wife, was a great council clerk, when I served on the Town Council. Bill is committed to fighting for his district. He supports Stratford.

He was a councilman and understands how government works. His Democratic opponent, however, was one of the former Town Council members, who voted against fully funding our Board of Education and worked to obstruct a proper budget, which caused the town to be put on the bond downgrade watch list.

Do we really need this kind of failed leadership in Hartford, with another puppet of Stephanie Philips? No we don’t! That is why I strongly encourage voters of the 120th District to vote for Bill Cabral, who has the proven track record.

Jason Santi

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  • YeaYea

    How stupid does this guy think people are? The reason they didn’t fully fund boe is because we have an issue with Robinson and Clarence not showing where the money is going. It was smart for them to not fully fund. Also, don’t forget the new town council also did the same. They could have stopped the layoffs and furlough days and instead did the SMART thing and didn’t because you can’t throw money at a problem and expect it to fix itself. Our town doesn’t gain anything when Republicans are in control and Cabral will be a lame duck just like Hoydick.

    • Benjamin

      people can be pretty stupid, YeaYea

    • Danny Cook

      Dr. Robinson, show us how you spent our money.

      • No Transparency

        She can’t!!!!

        • Danny Cook

          Very true which is sad.

    • SCR

      “How stupid does this guy think people are?”nWell, the writer isn’t known for being an intellectual. Him and Petrucelli and Dempsey jumped ship from Dem to Republican. If this keeps up, i might have to jump ship to Democrat. LOL.

      • Bill

        On the contrary, Santi is very smart, he doesn’t pay any town taxes. Look it up for yourself.

        • Trevor

          Are you saying he’s another deadbeat that knows how to beat the system to avoid paying taxes? We already know he’s a flip-flopper.

          • Bill

            That’s what I’m saying.

        • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

          Seems to be slotnOf that

          • Danny Cook

            Always good to hear from you. Take care.

        • Danny Cook

          What is being done about collecting money from him for back taxes?

  • Patricia Clark Sperling

    Mr. Santi has a very inaccurate statement in his letter or shall I say an inaccurate observation. When Phil Young was councilman, he was on when Mayor Harkins basically rubber-stamped the BOE budget and put it on the Town Council. During that year, the BOE was given an historic amount of money. It is my understanding, in a conversation with Phil that he said he would not support another increase next year if they got the entire amount they were asking for the year before. So, he stood by his word and said enough is enough! That was for the people.nnWhen the BOE asked for that initial outrageous increase – it should have been done in two years, not one. We can’t keep throwing good money after bad and hope problems get fixed. There needs to be a stopping point and he stood by his convictions with it.

    • Danny Cook

      I agree with your great interesting comments. Phil is very good for our town.

    • Jason Rubber Stamp

      You are so correct about Mr. Young, he voted to give the BOE what they “claimed” they needed in 2016 and then found out how Dr. Robinson & Clarence ran it and in 2017 put his foot down and said “No Mas”. Unfortunately that got him un-elected and has set up another 8-2 rubber stamping town council just like the one that Mr. Santi belonged to in 2013-2015 that all they did was to raise taxes and wanted to give the WPCA away. Only Stephanie Phillips & Matt Catalano stood up to Harkins and the 8 Charlie McCarty’s on the council. You have to understand were Mr. Santi is coming from he’s nothing but another “flip/flopper” so his opinion has no truth or merit.

    • SCR

      “We can’t keep throwing good money after bad and hope problems get fixed.”nnnWhile i do support Mr. Young’s stance in ’17, i think residents need to recognize that BOE costs are going to continue to surge for the foreseeable future. I don’t doubt that there is some waste of taxpayer funds at the BOE, but i do highly doubt that there is a multi-million dollar misappropriation occurring. The fact of the matter is, the Stratford student body has greater needs than the student body of 20/30/40 years ago. And those needs will continue to grow with every new student whose families move from Bridgeport(possibly the worst school system in CT) to Stratford. Instead of looking for a “smoking gun” at the BOE, perhaps it would be more beneficial for residents to demand that their state reps bring back more ECS $$$ from Hartford?

  • PatT

    Where is the money for the monorail system coming from?

    • Danny Cook

      Federal government funds are needed, since our town and state government does not have the money.

      • Manny

        el monorriel puede proporcionar trabajos muy necesarios para los sou00f1adores

    • CT Sam

      The monorail funds are in the same bucket with the grant to install solar panels in all town buildings in order to save over $1 Million in UI costs. I brought up that suggestion several years ago at a Town Council public forum.

      • BarbK

        Stratford would loose out if they don’t get the funding for the monorail. It would truly be a boost for the local economy.

        • Danny Cook

          I agree with you. Let the mayor ask our congress members for funds.

      • Danny Cook

        Fake CT Sam, instead of using my former name, you should use your real name. More harassment and insults from you that I do not need to response.

      • Danny Cook

        It was the real Danny Cook that would be me who asked the mayor and council members for funds because that the town hall who lose power many times every year to install these solar panels and also save money. It is so sad that the mayor never asked for federal funds for all public buildings to use save money that can be use elsewhere. The monorail will bring in badly needed funds and give us all joy and pleasures.

        • Theresa

          Dan,n I think we need an on line petition to show our support for the much need monorail.

          • Danny Cook

            I agree with you. Many a paper petition also may help. Great ideas from your.

    • The Drake

      The Boothe brothers set aside a monorail endowment to be accessed once the system could be proven safe. The Boothe’s never got over the cable car accident at Peck’s Mill pond. The time for the Stratford Monorail is NOW. I know the original plans called for the monorail to be powered by the Boothe windmill but solar is now a better option.

      • Lovejoy

        I agree with you about having a monorail funded by federal funds, since our town and state government do not have the funds.

  • Scott

    Philip Young voted in favor of giving the BOE nearly 7 million additional dollars in funding for the 2017 fiscal budget. I don’t blame him for wanting accountability before giving them another few million they asked for in the 2018 budget. That was a historic increase they got and have never received that much money under any town council. Taxes went up by 2 mills after that but Phil chose education first and he did the right thing this past year by trying to hold the line on taxes and still try to give the BOE over a 2 million dollar increase. People need to see the whole picture and the truth before they listen to this crap spewed by Santi.

    • Danny Cook

      We all have the right to find out where all the money is being spent. Great comments, Scott.

    • Concerned parent

      I don’t like the letter about Phil bringing home the bacon. I know that he is a chef but too much bacon is really bad for people. The BOE needs money to develop proper nutrition classes and I don’t know why Phil is against that.

      • Danny Cook

        Get a sense of humor and you will feel better.

  • Pat Spermling

    If the BOE got involved with the monorail, it would save so much money with transporting sudents especially between the high schools.

    • McGruff

      Dr Robinson will not embrace the monorail because it only has one conductor and she has too many friends and family in bus driving business. A majority of BOE funding goes to bus monitors certified by ex police chief/ school truant officer Mitch Embra

    • Lovejoy

      Great comments again which I agree with.

  • Tommy

    I intend to vote in Stratford even though I live in Maine. I think I drove through that town one time when I was on I-95.

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