Residents need to ask more questions of Board of Ed

To the Editor:

Stratford teachers voted to accept the furlough days.  I’m sure this wasn’t done easily and it only protects our teachers for the current school year, no further.  They made this sacrifice for our children.

I have issue with the fact that annually, more money is requested, but no accountability, no transparency exists.  Since 2008, property values have not bounced back in Stratford – at least for a majority of property owners.  We seem to be getting less for more – more money that is.  Stratford’s slogan should be “Town of the Big Squeeze.”

I hope people start getting more involved, start asking more questions, start being more vocal – we should get the audit of the BOE accounting practices and procedures that we were told we would get, but, as always happens in Stratford, we are told things are going to happen, and they rarely ever do.  So, we pay taxes which go up year after year, and are asked:  you can have an operational audit, but who is going to pay for it?  Well, since our taxes are what keeps the BOE administration and Town Hall administration employed, I guess our money is already there to pay for it, no?

Parents, taxpayers — please continue this fight with us.  We aren’t done. There isn’t and hasn’t been accountability.  While so many of us have been forced to tighten up on our purse strings, the Board of Ed and Town Hall have continued to hemorrhage our money.  If we don’t continue being active and vocalizing our dismay with how our money is spent, or the fact that we don’t get answers on how it is spent,  not one darn thing will change.

Patricia C. Sperling


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  • Alta Vista

    Thank you, Patricia. You don’t need me to tell you your analysis is spot on. But this message urgently needs to be sent to local government.

    • Patricia Clark Sperling

      We are trying! It’s very hard to get our elected officials to listen to the people who voted them in.

      • Thayer

        They honestly will not listen as long as their friends and family are receiving the benefits. I keep asking what the plan for the new Stratford high is yet get know reply. We can not possibly hire any more teachers or staff. The town and BOE needs to be streamlined just like a business that is struggling. Sorry to say but staff needs to be reduced across the board. Do we really need so many assistants to assistants.. I never had one in any of my classrooms just the teacher. And our Economic Development Department has “FAILED” and know one has done anything about it. The only way Stratford can ever reverse its course is to bring in some new energetic people with some kind of experience. Most of our neighboring towns are thriving while we regress into a true suburb of Bridgeport!

        • Danny Cook

          The bad news is that your statement is 100% correct. We need less assistants in classrooms and BOE must reduce management staff and reduce pay including Dr. Robinson.

          • Thayer

            Thanks Danny Cook, everyone can see what is going on yet know one has the b**ls to FIX IT!

  • Trevor

    You’ll never get any place with your requests as long as the Friends & Family Plan is in effect at the BOE & Town Hall. It’s a losing battle.

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