What’s past is prologue

To the Editor:

As we look to rebuild the Democratic Party, we need to stand firm by our values and ideals. We cannot be a middle-of-road party anymore. Now more than ever, we need to stand by the middle class, working families, seniors and veterans of this town.

If you dislike the latest round of Republican tax increases and the proposed unprecedented layoffs of teachers in Stratford, as well as the biggest Republican tax cut for the rich in American history, the worst is yet to come. What’s past is prologue.

If you believe in the power of our democracy and our collective ability to affect change, please stand with us as the loyal opposition to hold our government accountable.

If you believe in an inclusive America and the American Dream, please join us in rejecting all forms of hate and bigotry. Let us show those who hate that love is more powerful.

If you are a registered Democrat in Stratford, please vote for me and our Democratic candidates at the Democratic Town Committee caucus on Wednesday, Jan. 10 at 7 p.m. at Stratford High School.

As we look ahead to the new year, we are grateful for the blessings of liberty. We know that we are stronger together. We hold the key to change. We are the masters of our destiny.

Bieu Tran

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  • Kenny

    Bieu why do you even bother? Didn’t you already loss an election.?The Stratford Republicans have that young Bill Cabral going up for Laura Hoydick’s old house seat.nBill is only 77, still employed and he has Town Council and BoE experience under his belt. He is also Treasurer of the Stratford Republican Town committee along with : nnLouis A. DeCilio, ChairmannLin A. Scheck, Vice ChairwomannWilliam O Cabral, TreasurernBarbara Aldrich, SecretarynnAnd his wife Carol is the Town Council Clerk right now.nnDo you really think the Dumocrats can complete pleeeeeeeeeze. Pack up your tent.nJoe Paul left, Len Petruccelli became a Republican. Bieu you should talk to Lou DecIlio and become a Republican too.

    • Dave M

      Kenny your so smart, you should run for office. We need someone to look over our finances. Especially the PD department. OT and pensions are killing the town and our state. Any employee on the defined benefit plan should be ashamed of the financial hardship have put many municipalities and our state through. Nobody should be allowed to retire at 40-50 years old making more retired than when they worked.

      • Kenny

        I did and I’m happy

        • Bill

          Dave M sounds Lou Deceitful or Rich Fraud-ette. Both who haven’t earned the privilege, nor were tested, to be town employees. My opinion is they are a waste of pay checks. nKenny, any idea how much the blight officer has collected in blight fines?nDon’t get baited into “Dave M’s” no facts comments. It’s like an opinion from a town attorney.

          • Kenny

            Sounds like a hater to me that Dave M, lets see if he post anymore.

      • Kenny

        So Dave M you are saying that Police and Fire employees of the Town of Stratford should be ashamed of their 25+ years of service to the citizens of Stratford. I choose to still stay here and pay my fair share you are so wrong Dave M.nWas Councilman Jim Connor putting a financial hardship on the town when he proposed increasing the Registrars pay and benefits in 2014.nHow did that benefit the Town of Stratford what was the value added? I can see the value it added to Lou Decilio and the others who work there.nWhat are the true cost of The Town Attorneys Dave M. ? I heard one attorney billed over $50,000 to case that he passed off to another Town Attorney to take to trial and the case was so poorly prepared the Jury awarded $2.5 million of our tax dollars in judgement.nOf course this is on appeal and the $2.5 is not paid out yet. But what is the real cost of the Town Attorneys. They are still billing it I bet

        • Danny Cook

          Yes, Mr. Connor put a financial hardship on our town when he proposed increasing the Registrars pay and benefits in 2014 and still does. This office is not needed and a waste of taxpayers money. The town clerk who is overpay, office can handle these duties.

          • Kenny

            Well Jim Connor must think he made the right decision in 2014 and he must stand by it now because the Council passed the budget fully funding the Registrar office at over $300,000.

          • Danny Cook

            Many of us believe that he and other council members and mayor made the wrong decision. The Registrar office should had been close many years ago, and the town clerk office can take off these duties. This money could be use to hire more teachers.

      • Kenny

        ” Nobody should be allowed to retire at 40-50 years old making more retired than when they worked.”nnDave M go walk into the Main ST Firehouse or Longbrook Ave Police Dept and make that statement to the emergency responders working today while sit home and blog in this blizzard

        • Bill

          What is Louie’s pension plan? What’s his self negotiated contract? Or what was his prior profession?nMaybe it was a professional cocky, selfish, and/or paper bag man. Maybe he wasn’t and I’m wrong.

          • Kenny

            You have to ask Lou that. Stop in at the Registrars they are there 37.5 hours a week all 4 of them at your service

          • Danny Cook

            Lou should had been fired years ago. You are correct.

          • Danny Cook

            He is all these thing and you are correct.

  • Blame Beau Tran

    Nice try Beau! So Democrat Governor Dan Malloy tries to cut Stratford by 21 million. The Republicans stop that from happening. Then Dan Malloy cuts Stratford another 3 million and Republicans are to blame? nnThe past council was democrat and failed to do their job and pass a budget. So the current Republican council inherited their mess along with Dan Malloy’s draconian cuts. The current BOE is democrat controlled, if they want to save the teachers from layoffs they should go through the budget and do the job we elected them to do.nnBeau Tran, your SEEC financial reports are a mess and don’t add up. You come from Bridgeport politics and think you can lie in your mailers about where your kids go to school and think the smart people of Lordship wouldn’t figure it out? You’re a joke!

    • Kenny

      The Council passed the budget a few times with Democrat and Republican votes. Harkins vetoed it every time.nThe Republicans get the majority back in Nov 2017 and Jim Connor becomes the Town Council Chairman and the budget is passed in a week. Wow did the new council understand what they were voting on?nAre they all ok with the cost of the Registrar of Voters office and how poorly it operates for the cost. I doubt that they do.nWhy did the Republicans give away such huge pensions. In Feb 2017 one guy got $160,000 a year for life. The Republicans are treating Stratford like their personal candy store and they give away their goodies to their friends.

  • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

    I really like younBieu but democrats will not succeed under et a leader who onlynCares about her isn Aspirations to be mayor or state rep. She really needs to move tonBridgeport . They buy more b s there .

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