Cabral plans to seek state rep seat

Republican wants to succeed Hoydick in Hartford

The first candidate to replace Laura Hoydick as the 120th District state representative has thrown his hat into the ring.

Bill Cabral

Bill Cabral announced on Tuesday that he will seek the state seat vacated by Hoydick. Hoydick stepped down from the state post after winning the mayoral race last November. Her resignation, announced last week, became official on Tuesday morning.

Cabral, a Republican, previously served on the Town Council and was a former chairman of the Board of Education.

“In these challenging financial times, Stratford demands a representative who understands the relationship between state and municipal government and how policy and budgetary decisions made at the capitol impact services here — from schools and senior programs to public safety and road repair,” Cabral said in a statement. “Laura served that role well, and I’m hopeful for the opportunity to continue her record of passionate, thoughtful representation.”

Cabral said in a statement that he will file his campaign paperwork this week and will seek the Republican nomination during a party caucus that will be held soon.

“I’ve done my best to live up to the underlying spirit here in Stratford, where people do whatever they can to help friends and neighbors,” Cabral said. “Those opportunities are what I enjoyed about serving on the school board and town council, and I want to continue to work for others — this time as their next state representative.”

Cabral mentioned what has been happening in Hartford as his reason for running, criticizing Gov. Dannel Malloy and Democrats who he said have approaches that are “far afield from the principles followed by middle class families” in Stratford.

“It’s been frustrating to watch the governor and his supporters in the legislature install tax hikes only to watch our state decline into an even worse position,” Cabral said. “Connecticut is losing jobs as its once robust economy flounders, and the governor’s funding cuts are placing tremendous pressure on communities such as Stratford.”

Cabral is the first person to declare his intentions to run for the vacant state representative seat.  Democrat and former Town Council member Scott Farrington-Posner had pondered making a run, but decided shortly before Christmas that he would not run.

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  • Kenny

    Nice to see the young folks taking an interest in politics. We need some new blood up in Hartford. Good Luck Bill

    • Kenny for State Rep

      Kenny, you should run. We need someone to go to Hartford and stop the union handouts that have hurt all CT towns and city’s. Take those pensions away!! Go Kenny Go!!

      • Kenny

        Town Council first we need to pull back the Jim Connor handout to the Registrars. I think it’s an unjust financial stress on the Stratford Taxpayers. Besides no one matches Bill Cabra’sl resume and with all the out of town voters on the Stratford list Bill has a good shot.

        • Danny Cook

          The Registrar Office should be shut down for good and it is a waste of money and the town clerk office can take over their duties.

      • Kenny

        I put this on another article but I think it’s a good idea.nWe should pay the people on the council for their service to the Town.nStratford is a $220 million dollar a year business. The people on the council set the budget, make ordinances and run the WPCA.nWe pay over $300,000 to the Registrar Office to have 4 people update a data base. I say cut that in half and take $150,000 and put it towards the Town Council MembersnOf which we have 10. Each Council member gets $12,000 a yr and the Council Chairman get $15,000 because he is chair.nThis would only cost $123,000. The Mayor gets $10,000 a month so why canu2019t the council be paid a token amount? But really $1,000 to do council business isnu2019t bad.n The Republicans increased the Mayors salary in order to get good candidates to run maybe this could motivate people to run for Town Council. If a candidate thinks the council shouldn’t be paid that person could donate their stipend to a Stratford Charity.n I think it is a win, win, win. Better than wasting the money in the Registrars Office

    • Danny Cook

      Also in Stratford.

  • Alta Vista

    Since we never have older, well-to-do white men serving as leaders in government or industry in America, I think it’s finally time we give this much neglected minority group a chance to exercise power over your wallet.

    • Democracy Works

      That has to be the most racist comment I have ever heard. So we should ignore our democratic process and vote someone in because they are a “neglected minority” rather than based on their merits on whether they can do the job? Why don’t you give the neglected minority group you refer to the chance to exercise power over YOUR wallet. Joe, get over yourself and get a job. You spend way too much time on here telling people how they should run their lives.

      • Alta Vista

        Thank you for your personal attack on me. It really supports your argument.nnHumor is lost on the angry and self-righteous, apparently.nnDW, this country was founded by well-to-do white men, many of whom owned slaves. Originally, DW, you could not even vote in America unless you were white, male and owned property. nnIt was a joke that old, rich, white men are a ‘neglected minority’ who need more representation in government and industry.nnRich white men have always controlled the US government and continue to do so today. Heck, the President himself is white, old and a multi-billionaire.

        • Danny Cook

          You had lost your sense of humor shortly after birth.


    Bill Cabral is a good man, I had the privilege of working with him on the World War II commission. This honorable man would be great in Hartford.nBob

    • Alta Vista

      You may be right. But it is sad that we don’t have younger people getting involved in politics. You know, like Nancy Pelosi.nnHey, before you criticize young Nancy, remember how much we all loved her when she played The Crypt Keeper on the TV show Tales from the Crypt? She was great (no make-up necessary).

      • Danny Cook

        You are just as old as her and just as ugly.

        • Alta Vista

          Dinn y Kooc: Just a question. Do you think your repeated grammar school level insults against those who 1. Question your ideas or 2. Disagree with you, make you more electable, or less electable?

          • Danny Cook

            More insults and stupid comments from a Bully and a Thug who enjoy harassing writers, who refused to publish his real name in fear of being run out of town which is a great idea.

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