Councilman files SEEC complaint vs. DeCilio, Fredette

RTC chairman labels claims 'ridiculous'

Update: Greg Cann said late Monday that his family did not file a lawsuit, but did file a complaint against the Stratford Board of Education with the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities for violating the rights of his then-15-year-old daughter. Greg’s wife Immacula Cann explained that in a letter published in October 2013. The matter was settled in 2013 and a state law was created requiring school districts to conduct mandatory background checks on prospective employees. Information on that law can be found here.

Original story: Republican Town Committee Chairman Lou DeCilio and newly elected Zoning Commissioner Richard Fredette are being accused of violating the Town Charter because of Fredette’s placement on the Nov. 7 election ballot, in a complaint filed with the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

The RTC Chairman countered that the complaint is politically motivated and violates Fredette’s right to run for public office.

Greg Cann

Greg Cann

Fifth District Councilman Greg Cann and former Town Council candidate Adam Brill filed a complaint with the SEEC on Oct. 26, reporting what they saw as a “blatant conflict of interest” that existed with Fredette running for the Zoning Commission while he served as the town’s blight officer.

“The [Mayor John] Harkins Administration, Mr. Fredette and Mr. DeCilio clearly understood that Fredette could not run for this office,” Cann wrote in an email, saying that it is a “direct violation of the ordinances under the Town Charter.”

Cann said Fredette was required to resign from the Zoning Board of Appeals in 2016 to take the blight officer job in order to avoid a conflict of interest. In a statement on the complaint, Cann said town ordinance requires that the blight officer report to the Planning and Zoning Department and that any change to the ordinance requires a majority vote of the Town Council.

Cann said that DeCilio and Fredette ignored his requests for explanations and that Fredette was transferred from the Zoning Department to the Economic Development Department “to cover their tracks.”

“The Mayor’s decision is not only illegal, but it raises the question of ethical violations due to a ‘quid pro quo’ and ‘preferential treatment,’” said Cann, adding that he’s also contacted Mayor-elect Laura Hoydick about the matter and has yet to receive a reply.

Cann and Brill said in a statement that both DeCilio and Fredette threatened Cann with revocation of town services for the 5th District at the town’s Veterans Day ceremony for filing the complaint.

“What makes this even more upsetting is that both of these subjects of a pending state investigation threatened him and said that the constituents in the 5th District, who Greg represents, will not receive town services if they could help it,” Brill said in a statement. “That’s retaliation, obstruction and official malfeasance.”

Brill, a former 8th District Town Council candidate, is calling for Fredette and DeCilio to be removed from their town positions. DeCilio works for the town as the Republican Registrar of Voters.  

Lou DeCilio

DeCilio fired back on Monday afternoon, saying that Cann’s complaint is “ridiculous” and boils down to politics. DeCilio said Cann remains upset with him for bringing up issues about a lawsuit Cann’s family brought against the town.

DeCilio said that Cann and Fredette were talking about the complaint prior to the start of the Veterans Day ceremony and that DeCilio told Cann to be quiet as the ceremony was starting.

“I told him that the complaint is a joke and took my hat off and he kept on talking, oblivious to what’s going on,” DeCilio said. “He was making a scene and had no respect for the flag or the veterans serving our country.”

DeCilio said accusations that he threatened to withhold services to the 5th District are “a flat out lie.” 

He also said that stopping Fredette from running would violate Fredette’s Constitutional right to run for office and that the administration has the right to hire town employees.

“He [Cann] only wants answers that fall into his equation or whatever conspiracy theory is running through his head,” DeCilio said Monday, adding that he does not believe the SEEC will take up the complaint.

SEEC officials were not available for comment on Monday.

See this week’s Stratford Star for more information on this story.

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  • Alta Vista

    Mr. Cann: Lou DeCilio, and believe me, Lou DeCilio, like Brutus, is an honorable man, claims that you have “…no respect for the flag or the veterans serving our country.”nnThat you are a “liar.” This Stratford Town employee, whose salary is paid by your tax dollars, calls you “ridiculous.” That the issue you raise is a “joke.”nnEvidently, Mr. Cann, you have poor Mr. DeCilio scared out of his mind! nnIf Mr. DeCilio attacks you personally like this, you must really have something that terrifies him. nnThis is not the talk of man confident that he’s in the right. This is a man well-established in practicing the politics of personal destruction (fill in your own example here_________ ). “…Retaliation, obstruction and official malfeasance.”nnI wonder how this mess will end and who will ultimately have to pay the piper?

    • Loan Officer

      Adam, can you get me one of those loans you got in Yonkers, you know, the illegal kind.

  • YeaYea

    Lou decilio is something isn’t he? Greg cann never filed a suit. He filed a complaint with the boe and rightfully so. How classy is Lou that he used that against Mr. Cann during an election? What kind of a man is he? Lou decilio disgusts me. He’s nothing but a small man with a complex who lies and makes things up. He needs to go. I wish fredette was smart enough to not get involved with him. Then again, he was able to become the only blight officer in town, and clearly the town suffers because of this

    • esquire

      Lawsuit, action, claim, are all the same. Did Greg Conn get taxpayer money or cause the town to spend taxpayer money? That i’d like to know.

      • Greg Cann

        an insured driver plowed through your house and caused medical injuries that kept you out of work. was an accident. are you entitled to compensation for your injuries & damages? now…. if it was an uninsured driver with a reckless history of causing accidents and injuries but no cash – are you still entitled to compensation? I expect “esquire” would say no to both questions – he’d accept the pain and meekly disappear.

        • esquire

          So you admit you did take taxpayer money “compensation”. Not only do you admit it, you are entitled to it according to your logic. This clears up my question.

        • Get A Job

          Does this guy work? He comments on every article all the time during business hours? I wonder if his employer knows this?

    • Danny Cook

      To answer your question, Lou is not an honorable man and in my opinion, he is a crook. I agree that he needs to go and his office shut down and that the over pay town clerk take over their duties. The town suffer because of him. The FBI should investigate him.

  • Sue Yanez

    Since when? The town of stratford wonu2019t hire a convicted felon but you allow them to serve on committees? I am appalled that Richard Fredette is allowed to be involved in an party never mind a town seat. Time to sell my property and move out of whatonce was a nice hometown for raising children. The man is as corrupt as you can get. God bless those who need to deal with him. A word of advice, any and all letters sent by his chair need to be questioned.

  • Michael Sullivan

    Mr. Cann was standing next to me for the majority of the Veteran’s Day Service. Pretty sure he was with me at the beginning, but not 100 % certain. It was afterwards he informed me of the threats he received. Time will tell if the 5th district receives the same level of service it appears the 2nd received. Politics need not come into contact with the needs of the residents…Please

    • I’m a Witness

      Mr. Cann was not standing next to you when the service started and Adam Brill was a no show for the enire event so how is it he can confirm a supposed conversation that happened when he wasn’t there? Their testimony is suspect.

      • Greg Cann

        Not suspect. There were actual witnesses. Lou knows who they are, and so will we all if he attempts to carry out any of his threats of retaliation. But the real issue here is a repeated violation of town ordinance 2..2.15, 5-27A and 161-2. The town attorneys have not denied it over past five months, though have recently tried to mitigate.

    • Michael Sullivan

      Thank you for the clarification, but why not use your real name?

      • Monica B.

        Probably because people like you live on social media and don’t work and not everyone likes to be harrassed. Why couldn’t you just tell the truth and say you weren’t with him when the alleged incident took place? Why did you have to be so vague?

        • Greg Cann

          Not suspect. There were actual witnesses. Lou knows who they are, and so will we all if he attempts to carry out any of his threats of retaliation. But the real issue here is a repeated violation of town ordinance 2..2.15, 5-27A and 161-2. The town attorneys have not denied it over past five months, though have recently tried to mitigate.

          • I’m a Witness

            Is Adam Brill one of your witnesses like the article says? He wasn’t at the ceremony so who else do you have lying for you? I was approximately 10′ from Mr. Cann, Mr. Fredette and Mr. Decilio and I can confirm you were talking during the ceremony. I can also confirm Mr. Decilio told you to shut up and I can say I’m glad he did. You were being very rude as the colors were being presented.

          • Copy Cat

            Does repeating yourself prove you’re right?

          • Monica B.

            How can he carry out this threat, he isn’t on the council? Sounds like you’re fabricating a story so you can politically maneuver yourself in a position to ask for favors and if you don’t accomplish anything for your district, well it’s Lewd Deceitful’s fault! nnMakes it seem like the later part of the story about Mr Cann and conspiracy theories may be correct.

          • Typical Slight of Hand

            The only one making threats here seems to be Greg Cann. Seems like a political ploy to be relevant.

    • It’s All About the $$

      Mike, I couldn’t agree more. Politics shouldn’t come into play when the services to people are involved, so why does Greg Cann continue to malign our board of education with his personnal vendetta. Maybe if he came clean and told the taxpayers how much he sued the town for and how much the BOE paid him to go away it would be clear to everyone why he continues to attack the BOE.

      • Michael Sullivan

        trying to do a little research in the CT Post, Are you referring to a complaint made with the Commission on Human Rights, due to sexual harassment, physical and verbal abuse, made towards their high school daughter, in which the Commission ruled in their favor?

        • hmmm??

          Why would they settle if this was all true? I know if that was my kid i’d make sure there was justice and the teacher was arrested.

        • Greg Cann

          Love it…. Lewd & DeCeitful perpetuates a lie, and the pedophile enablers crawl out their dark web.

          • Sticks and Stones

            This is exactly why some of your colleagues were not reelected. The name calling and unprofessional behavior. Simple question Mr. Can, was the teacher arrested and charged with what you’re saying he did? Why do you have to stoop to name calling and childish behavior?

    • Redo My Vote

      Sounds like Mike Sullivan supports the antics of people like Scott Farrington-Posner and Tina Manus. Why would you think the 2nd District didn’t receive services, because Scott said so on one of his incoherent rants? As an educated elector in the 8th district, I’m sad I voted for you.

      • Trevor

        Hey Mr. “Redo My Vote” Troll….The 2nd District, particularly Longbrook Park & Penders Field has not received any type of service in years and it has nothing to do with Scott Farrington-Posner “saying so on one of his incoherent rants”. As a regular user of the park I brought out safety and maintenance issues as far back as 2015 to Matt Catalano, in 2016 to Mark Dumas and in 2017 to Scott Farrington-Posner and to this day they remain unresolved. Why? The reason is the mayor & Lou told the people in that building complex on the corner of Patterson Avenue & Frog Pond Lane not to address issues from these three mentioned councilors in order to make them look bad. However you bet your sweet hiney come Spring time these issues will get resolved and 2 of the 8 puppets (Tichy & Poisson) will take credit for it in order to self promote themselves. It’s a shame that Harkins & Decilio wanted to punish the people that use the park and field out of spite just to make these 3 look like they did nothing for their district. Get it real, get it right, get your facts right before you go on a trolling incoherent rant.

  • Danny Cook

    Lou DeCilio is not an honorable man and I never did trust him. He should never received an increase in income and the office should be shut down and the town clerk who is over pay should take over their duties.

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