Petruccelli leaving Democratic Town Committee

Former party chairman to become Republican

Update: Stratford Democratic Town Committee Chairman Stephanie Philips responded to Len Petruccelli’s comments via email on Monday, noting that she won the Democratic nomination for mayor convincingly. She labeled Petruccell’s comments as “sour grapes.”

“I won the Democratic primary with 1,320 vs. Len Petruccelli’s 379. Len’s efforts to bash me and the party is just sour grapes,” she said.  “The Democratic party is changing with the times and some people like Len did not welcome the new progressive ideas.  We are a big tent, but for that to work people must be willing to listen to others; embrace diversity, and welcome new people.”

Philips said that Petruccelli  “left the party a long time ago.  This year Democrats presented a positive campaign of change with ideas and solutions that benefited Stratford.  I am very proud of our campaign’s many successes, and the party is stronger and energized with new people.”

Original story: Len Petruccelli is leaving the Stratford Democratic Town Committee and will become a Republican.

Len Petruccelli

Petruccelli, a former DTC chairman and vice chairman of the Board of Education, announced on Monday that he is resigning from the town committee effective Monday and will register as a Republican.

In a statement sent Monday via email, Petruccelli cited what he considers “the total lack of leadership experienced over the past two years as the main reasons” for his leaving. Stephanie Philips has served as DTC chairman since March 2016.

In his statement, Petruccelli laid the blame at Philips and what he saw as her inability to keep the party together.  Republican Laura Hoydick defeated Philips — the Democratic candidate — and independent candidate Sandra Zalik in the Nov. 7 mayoral election and Republicans won control of the Town Council by claiming  seven of the 10 available seats.

“The divide within the party is due directly to the inability of the Town Chair to bring the party together,” Petruccelli said.  “Her announcing that she would be a candidate for mayor focusing on herself and not allowing someone else to focus on and chair the party during a local election year was evident by our significant loss the party experienced this year after a significant win in 2015 when we took control of the Town Council.”

Petruccelli said the DTC is “ in serious trouble with no end in sight as the party leadership is only interested in divide and conquer.”

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  • YeaYea

    What a liar Len is. If you’re going to register as a republican, you were always a republican. The problem with the dtc isn’t current leadership. The problem is people like Len and Beth and all the others who claimed to be Democrats but aren’t. The problem with the dtc is those within the party who worked against the candidates period. You know why the Dems lost? Because of those like Len and Beth who aren’t about what’s best for the party or the town, they’re only worried about what’s best for them. Hey Len, remember that the RTC knows you’re an unloyal rat. Enjoy being a p boy for them. Take Beth and all the other fake Dems with you. If you want to be in politics maybe actually understand how ideologies work. You clearly do not. Thank God you’re leaving on your own. You’d have never gotten on the new slate. We will rid ourselves of the old gaurd and we will have a United party once you all are gone.

    • Alta Vista

      Mr. Petruccelli puts all the blame on Ms. Philips, who only lost by a few hundred votes (around the same amount that spoiler petitioning candidate Sandra Zalik polled). This election also featured a dismal turnout of less than 30% of the electorate. It’s hardly an electoral mandate.nnWhy does Mr. Petruccelli find no fault with Dave Harden, accused of drunkenly assaulting his wife and wildly unprofessional behavior at Town Council Meetings? He made Tina Manus run from the room, remember?nnWhy does Mr. Petruccelli find no fault with the amazingly incompetent Beth Daponte, who, in a snit after being rejected by her neighbors in District One, publicly supported the Republican candidate?nnWhy does Mr. Petruccelli find no fault with Scott F-P who runs for office, quits to run for another ‘better’ office; runs for the Council a second time, wins his primary and then 9 days laters drops out of race to abandon politics? Then announces he’s thinking of running for state office. All the while being one of the loudest and disruptive mouths in town.nnWhy does Mr. Petruccelli find no fault with Tina Manus whose foolish actions will cost the town $50,000 or more to defend her calling the cops to a PZB meeting? Was there ever a Town Council member who was more expensive? nnBut hey, Tina can still fit into her high school jacket, as she demonstrated when she addressed the council as a ‘private citizen’ who just wants more than a million dollars to be dropped on her alma mater. For the good of the whole town. Right.nnSome of the people in public life in Stratford are simply selfish swine whose only interest is lining their own pockets or pushing their personal projects and agendas. They are not members of any party really, they are a party of one. One selfish person out for all they can grab from the town’s coffers. nnIn my neighborhood they’re putting up a statue honoring Ms. Daponte’s accomplishments. We’re going to take all the money her PhD analysis has saved us (that was her campaign promise when she ran for mayor), put that money into coins, melt them down and build the statue.

      • Starts at the Top

        Leadership starts at the top, Stephanie lost the mayors race because of her incompetent team. She is self serving and Len is right about her unwillingness to step down. As the chair she did nothing to help the rest of the ticket.

        • Run Forrest Run

          Tina Manus run? LMAO Clearly Joe you don’t know Tina, she doesn’t run for anything but the dinner bell!

          • Tina Marie

            Is that an invitation? I just love parties!

        • YeaYea

          You’re incorrect as to why Stephanie lost. She also did help the rest of the ticket. Pretty hard to get elected when those in the party activley endorce the r candidate.

          • Ridiculousness

            What about those R’s that actively endorsed Stephanie like Andrea Veilleaux, Catalano, Dumas etc. Or what about the back room deal Stephanie made with Joe Paul to back out or the one she made with Sandy to stay in the race to hurt Laura? You’re a sore loser!

          • YeaYea

            Lmao there was no back door deal and no conspiracy. Joe Paul backed out because he cares about the party and winning. There is a difference to voting across party lines and joining a different party. Learn it.

    • The Mailman

      Stephanies mailers came AFTER the election. If they doesn’t define stupid I don’t know what does!

      • YeaYea

        Why? Because someone at the post office decided to hold 55k pieces of political mail. Not the fault of the dems honey.

      • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

        They made good fire starters !!!

    • Trevor Scofield

      Nice so the SDTC will be a robot filled only with those who agree with Ms Philips and Mr Watson? I have nothing bad to say about either however this is why the Dems had a crappy November. Only supported the Dems they wanted and not the Dems with their own opinions and ideas.

      • Patricia Clark Sperling

        I disagree with that. There are too many “old guard” DTC members who never show up for meetings. They don’t want their apple-cart upset – which has been starting to happen with people who want change in Stratford. So, they just threw in bogus nominations to screw up the election (e.g., Anna Scala nomination). Believe me, the DTC isn’t robot-filled and won’t be even with the ship-jumping.

        • Custodian

          You’re clueless, so Anna was endorsed, why didn’t Adam have the balls to primary her? He took his ball and ran away. I’m glad he left because we don’t need leaders who run. Why don’t you use a more recent picture? LOL

          • Patricia Clark Sperling

            Is that all you got? Really?

          • YeaYea

            Why did Anna not campaign? She didn’t do anything because she was nothing more than a place holder.

          • Campaign Manager

            Anna’s mailers were delivered before Election Day

          • Math Isn’t Your Strongpoint

            What are you talking about, she was one of the highest vote getters of all the Democrat Council Candidates.

      • Tina Marie

        Who wasnu2019t supported?

      • YeaYea

        No. You miss the point. The only reason a person would join the republicans is because they’re conservative and not a Dem

        • Trevor Scofield

          NO?!?!?!?! REALLY?????

          • LOL

            I’m laughing with you! She’s a regular Sherlock Holmes

          • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

            This whole thread is laughablen Hundreds of dems voted for Joe and many more want nothing to do with dtc because of ms Phillips. Amd we are not part of the old guard had joe run as an independent he may have received more votes than ms Phillips. Using the old guard Adan excuse is lame , nearlynEvery democrat ontje committee in my district wanted Phillips out and supported Joe. She poonPooed his advice at the last meeting. Ms Phillips lost because she is incompetent and a polarizing figure . Anyone who doesn’t agree with her is dismissed as dirt. She is also a hypocrite , as a former chair of a committee 5 times hers I reached out to her I many occasions but she didn’t likenMe and thus I was dirt to her and she may not want tubelike be it but those sort of actions is why she lost.

      • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

        Gosh Trevor scoffed. I love you. You hitnThe nail on the head.

  • Harold Watson

    Finally: clarity. Len IS a Republican.

    • The Blame Game

      If Len is a Republican then what does that make you as an executive member of the DTC who allows candidates like Tina Manus and Scott Farrington-Posner to openly support and endorse other Republicans? You’re part of that failed leadership. Resign and go back to New York

      • YeaYea

        You don’t just become a republican over night. You’re salty. Maybe you can join the Republicans too. The Dems sure don’t need people like you in the party if they want to win. As for Scott and tina endorcing republicans. At the time Scott wasn’t in the dtc so suck it up buttercup. Apples to oranges.

        • Trevor Scofield

          Jessica come on at least use your real name ud83dude02.

          • YeaYea

            My name isn’t Jessica. Nice try though

        • The Truth Hurts

          You’re so wrong, Scott endorsed Mitzi like two months ago. This is your problem, you believe you’re own version of history and not the truth.

        • Tina Marie

          Stop lying. I never endorsed a Republican Against a Democrat. Ever. I never even gave money or collected one signature against an endorsed Democrat.

      • Tina Marie

        What Republican did I endorse? I supported Mitzi as a fellow councilor and friend. Th only R endorsed was Gavin for BOE because one would be elected. I knew heu2019d be good.

        • Just 1, ok maybe 2

          Are you for real? You just called him a liar and then admitted you only supported a handful of republicans but you still believe the previous statement is a lie?

          • Tina Marie

            Support means I like you and talk to you. I wish you well. Endorse meansu2014I say you should win. I give you money sometimes. I never endorsed a Republican against any Democrat as a Democrat. I collected not one petition signature against an endorsed Democrat either. I gave one donation BEFORE endorsements to someone who did not get endorsed. Itu2019s all a matter of public record. Go see all the DTC members who collected signatures against me. Lol. It took Light, Daponte, Petrucelli, Marcone, and some helper. 5 peopleu2014amazing. I mean who am I to warrant such attention? Such effort. Look at the election. Again, such tremendous effort, such intensity…itu2019s all so yummy.

  • Dave M

    The biggest problem was the Council chair who couldn’t get over her ego and lack of local budgetary concerns that didn’t serve her personal agenda. She failed to unite the Dems on Council to override the Mayors’ veto. Oh yeah she couldn’t even bring herself to do it either.

    • Wrong Again!

      The biggest problem was the council majority leader who wasn’t a leader. 7 – 4 Democrat majority and you can get a budget passed? That’s also on the DTC Chair, Stephanie for not being able to get it done!

      • Dave M

        I wonder, how is the council 7-4 ? 10 Member and Mayor!

        • Wrong Again!

          Sorry Dave, I meant 7-3. It’s simple to understand. The mayor proposes a budget the council passes a budget. If they needed 7 votes then they failed as a whole. I think you’d agree, it would have taken a compromise and negotiation skills. The Stephanie Philips and Greg Cann budgets didn’t balance, were fraught with errors and relied on gimmicks. Would you sign your name to something that you knew was wrong? So if the 6 members were truly looking out for the towns best interest they would have put aside their political differences and the political vendettas to work for the people. It’s not so hard to see the light when you really look at what happened. This is why we don’t have a budget.

          • Tina Marie

            And my only request was a separation of the WPCA account and to hold taxes steady until a new leader came. Every town around us did it. We needed to remain competitive. The day after this election 2 for sale signs went up on my street. The insistence on raising taxes, no matter what was very hurtful. Add to it the refusal to separate accounts from the WPCA. What was I voting on? Surface shuffling of funding. Iu2019m not going to fake it to say I did something. I was elected by folks to try, not just go along to get along. We should have all worked against Harkins not with him. Those that continued to work on behalf of the administration instead of with their fellow councilors betrayed everyone.

  • Patricia Clark Sperling

    How can a party be u201cunitedu201d with members who rarely show up for meetings? While there are valid reasons for lack of attendance to some, many just show up when they have an u201cagenda.u201d Letu2019s use an example u2013 many just showed up to nominate Anna Scala, who did not campaign, had no intention of campaigning, only to blow up the campaign of Adam Brill, who was already working hard on getting his name out there. They were the ones working AGAINST the party, not Stephanie at all. Len is forgetting heu2019s living in a glass house with the games heu2019s played.

    • Custodian

      Adam is weird

    • AA

      Poor Mark. LMAO

      • Patricia Clark Sperling

        Excuse me? People like you don’t post under your real names. Come on Frankie, Tony, Al or Jimmy….. let’s have at it.

    • Agenda, Where?

      Maybe if Steve Rags spent less time at Two Roads and more time putting together an actual agenda more members would show. Being emailed an agenda the day before a meeting isn’t normal. Stephanie and Harold must want it that way to keep things behind closed doors.

  • ImShy

    Why can’t everyone just hold

  • ImHilarious

    Why can’t everyone just hold hands…lol

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