Jewelry salesman robbed at gunpoint by suspects posing as police

A traveling jewelry salesman was robbed at gunpoint by two men posing as police officers Thursday, according to police. The incident occurred at about 4:40 p.m. and the thieves made off with several thousand dollars worth of jewelry and watches.

The 59-year-old victim, who lives in New York, had left a Bridgeport jewelry store and was heading to another location nearby at about 4:40 p.m. As he entered Trumbull on Penney Avenue near the intersection with Intervale Road, two men in a dark-colored sedan pulled him over using flashing grill lights.

One of the men put a handgun to the victim’s head and ordered him not to move. The men took a case from the car that contained a large quantity of jewelry and watches, worth several thousand dollars, police said. The suspects then fled in the same vehicle.

Trumbull, Bridgeport and Stratford police searched the area but could not locate the suspect vehicle. Investigators are still working to locate the suspects and determine the exact contents and value of the merchandise. There were no injuries in the incident.

Police ask anyone with information on this crime to contact police at (203) 261-3665 or to submit an anonymous tip through the police department’s website: Trumbull-ct.Gov/police.

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  • Alta Vista

    Since the Stratford Police Department has pulled their feed from the Crime Alert website, it’s hard to put an exact number here but it certainly seems to me like Stratford has become more violent and more crime-ridden.nnMy neighborhood has been under siege for the past couple of years with shootings, car thefts, multiple robberies, package thefts and more. We had over 60 incidents in a six month period. None of this was the case 15 years ago.nnOf course, the SPD is not to blame for increased crime, but their lack of transparency is troubling. Never heard anything more about that officer who shot herself at the station, have you?

    • Bill

      SHhhhhhh…………” It’s a secret is our motto “nThat place is a cash cow for the officers, who’s kidding who.

      • No Transparency Joe

        Remember Adam-12’s motto was “To Protect and Serve”, well our mottos effect in October are now “In No-transparency We Trust”, “We’ll raise your taxes to spend $1,000,000 to hide radio transmissions from the public”, “SPD-Our encrypted radios will hide criminal activities in YOUR neighbor hood making you LESS SAFE from what’s going on” and “At SPD our officers and chief could care less about the safety of our taxpayers”.

    • Where’s the Chief?

      Hey Pony Boy, what about the officer that blew the red light at Barnum & California last February and got herself pinned in the car and nearly killed the car crossing Barnum? How come nothing was said about that? Why no lawsuit? Then remember last August when a car hit a cop car at Main & Stratford and Joe McNeil made a big deal about announcing the cop had the right of way and was innocently hit? Then the PD & FD scrambled their signals last month so you can’t listen to them? You are right, this police force being run by this chief & mayor has no transparency and could careless about the needs and most importantly the SAFETY of the taxpayers that pay their salaries, buy their equipment and pay to have the radios blocked from the airwaves.

      • JohnnyOnTheSpot

        Only the Police department is encrypted. The fire department is digital but not encrypted. You can get a digital scanner on ebay for $100-$300 for a used one and be able to listen to the Fire department. Just make sure it’s definitely one of the models that does P25 digital.

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