Hoydick wins race for mayor

Republicans take seven seats on Town Council

Laura Hoydick, center, celebrates her win in the mayor’s race with supporters on Tuesday at the Riverview Bistro. — Melvin Mason photo.

Laura Hoydick will make history in December.

That’s when the current state representative will be sworn in to the town’s top office.

Hoydick, the Republican candidate, was the biggest winner on Election Day 2017, coming out as the winner to become Stratford’s next mayor. Hoydick defeated Democrat Stephanie Philips and petitioning candidate Sandra Zalik in Tuesday’s vote. Hoydick received 5,738 votes. Philips took 5,126 votes, while Zalik finished with 688 votes.

The win will make Hoydick the first woman mayor in Stratford’s history when she succeeds John Harkins.

Hoydick currently serves as executive director of the Stratford Chamber of Commerce and as the 120th District state representative. Prior to the election, Hoydick said she would resign from both posts if the won the race for mayor to give the town’s top job her sole focus.

Hoydick will be joined by a Republican majority on the Town Council as the GOP took seven of the 10 council seats. Chris Pia received 798 votes to surpass Democrat Bieu Tran’s 747 votes and petitioning candidate Mark Scheck’s 88 votes.

The District 2 seat will be filled by Republican Ronald Tichy, who beat Democrat Christina Heffern 543 to 495. Former Republican councilman Ken Poisson will return to the Town Council after beating Democrat Prez Palmer 618 to 551. Republican Bill Perillo emerged to take the 7th District seat, beating Democratic nominee Donald Putrimas 764 to 528.

The 8th District seat went to Republican and former councilman Jim Connor, who received 801 votes to Democrat Anna Scala’s 499.

Republican Bill O’Brien cruised to a 9th District win, running unopposed and receiving 1,106 votes. And in perhaps the surprise of the night, Republican Laura Dancho defeated incumbent Democratic 10th District Councilman Tina Manus 721 to 563.

Democratic incumbents held on in three other Town Council races. Third District Councilman Wali Kadeem received 593 votes to earn a second term, beating out Republican challenger Victor Ayala Jr., who received 126 votes. Petitioning candidate Danny Cook came in third with 35 votes.

Democrat David Harden won a second term in the 4th District, beating Republican Linnea Scheck 352 to 125. Fifth District Councilman Greg Cann returns to the town’s top board after a win over Republican candidate John Dempsey 503 to 231. Cann beat Dempsey in September for the Democratic nomination.

Republicans also had a good night in the Zoning Commission races as Richard Fredette, Chris Silhavey and MIke Henrick emerged as winners. Democrat Barbara Heimlich barely edged Republican Alec Voccola in the Zoning District III race 919 to 918. That small margin will result in a recount.

Democrats fared better in the Board of Education race as Allison Delbene, Vincent Faggella and Bob DeLorenzo won seats on the school board. Republican Karen Rodia, however, was the top vote-getter, earning 6,182 votes.

Democrats won the Zoning Board of Appeals seats as Mary Young won the District I seat, Paul Tavaras emerged in District II and Annette Streets won in District III. The Planning Commission seats went to Democrat Harold Watson and Republican John Staley.

See this week’s Stratford Star for more coverage of the Stratford elections.

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Editor for the Stratford Star. Former reporter for the Darien Times.

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  • Kenny

    Here is how I connect the dots.nIn 2011 Stratford Council Chairman Tom Malloy, leaves the Town Council and begins serving on the Stratford Housing Authority in Dec.nIn the Housing minutes Tom is very active and ask a lot of questions about procedure and expenses. Some things are questionable like the nHousing Authority paying for people to golf in the mayoru2019s charity golf tournament. When residents show up at meeting to request their rentsnnot be raised, Malloy explains the Authority has expenses to pay the rent must go up.nIn July 2014 Tom Malloy sells his 80 Sekelsky DR home in Stratford but he is not removed from the voter rolls he still votes in 3 elections.n1 primary in Aug 2014 in person at Bunnell High School, then the general elections of 2014 and 2015 by absentee in Stratford.nIn Oct 2016 Malloy registers to vote in Woodbury , Ct and he votes there in November.nAll the while Malloy is still serving on The Stratford Housing Authority, in fact he was elected itu2019s chairman in 2015. Once Malloynwas a register voter in Woodbury he should have register his commission in Stratford but he did not. Any business the HousingnAuthority did with non-resident Malloy is invalid.nIn 2017 Tom Mallory is very busy at the Stratford Housing Authority attempt to start a nonprofit within the Housing Authority.nThe Authority also changes some rules around so that for the first time in the history of the Stratford Housing Authoritynwhich was formed in 1943, 2 people will retire from there this year and they can now get medical benefits.nIn 2015 the Housing Authority created a job called Construction Coordinator ( more expenses for the Authority take it out ofnthe low income folks rents ). That job is given to Paul Hoydick the husband of mayor elect. Hoydicku2019s previous job according tonLinkedin is auto sales. In 2015 Paul Hoydick is in his 3rd term as a councilman in Stratford and in the spring he voted against the nTown selling the WPCA but in the fall he changed his mind and voted for it. ( The Ct Post John Burgeson reported on this )nHousing Chairman Malloy and the WPCA Vote Yes Pay Less PAC treasurer worked very hard to the town to sell the WPCA.nIn the spring of 2017 Housing Authority Maintence Director Joe Ganino retired and Construction Coordinator Paul HoydicknTook that job. I found no mention of a new Construction Coordinator being hired. Maybe they eliminated that spot to save moneynAnd help the low income folks who live in public housing, which is really what the Housing Authority should be doing in the first placennIn the news 12 debate Laura Hoydick stated we have rules, we have statutes , we have laws and if we donu2019t follow them we have chaos.n nWell it looks like Tom Malloy, The Stratford Housing Authority and the Registraru2019s office created some chaos for Stratford by not following the rules, statutes and laws.n nIn total civility I say this behavior is wrong and in total sincerity I hope that the 3rd time is a charm and that Mayor Hoydick does the right thing for Stratford.

  • Moving Soon

    Another Republican?! What a regressive town Stratford is!

  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

    Good lord above I hate this old, conservative jerkwater berg.

    • R Barber

      Then move and never look back, good luck to you

  • LelandChapman

    A town that was a complete joke during the last couple years with the town council and mayor’s office and only 29.7% of residents come out to vote. Absolutely embarrassing. Stop crying about every little decision made by our elected leaders if a simple rain storm keeps you from your civil duty of casting a vote.

  • Alta Vista

    Welcome to higher taxes!! And Amazon moving into town!!nnSo, I guess Sandra Zalik won’t be ‘taking the town back’ and in the final analysis was ‘counted out.’ Like all the other petitioning candidates her campaign was a joke and an ego trip. It’s like voting for a Third Party in a presidential election.nnZalik can also be thanked for Ms. Hoydick’s victory over Stephanie Philips. She was the spoiler for 688 votes and Hoydick’s margin of victory was 612 votes, hardly an overwhelming endorsement or a mandate. I wonder what Ms. Hoydick will do for Ms. Zalik to pay her back?nnWas it really a surprise that the very vocal, very expensive and very controversial Ms. Manus was defeated? Even out of office she will continue to cost the TOS tens of thousands of dollars with her legal defense costs… all because she called the cops to a PZB meeting!!nnAlso, dear Painted Pagliacci of Perfidy: love your comment, love your screen name!

    • R Barber

      Dear Joe Pedoto aka Alta Vista, Sorry but if I may interrupt your foaming at the mouth for a minute, has it ever crossed your mind that maybe Sandra Zalik took votes from Laura Hoydick as well ? Your own personal hope for the future didnt exactly win by a landslide. Too bad you can’t see that Laura Hoydicks margin of victory might have been even greater if not for a third party in the race. Too bad more people didnt show up to vote , even when the two women with headquarters on Main Street had teams of people working for them.

      • MattSchlager

        Philips: 5, 126nHoydick: 5, 738nZalick: 688nThese are the official results. I guess my question is, why disparage those that lost. The election is over, lets move on. Typical of Joe Pedoto aka Alta Vista to attack attack attack.

        • R Barber

          Dear Matt Sclager, Thank you . That’s just what he does. He is probably a nice guy in real life who is very concerned about Stratford. And he is not wrong every single time. He just chooses to say the most hurtful thing possible to make a point sometimes for some reason.As for the numbers, I probably am just being paranoid in thinking something dicey just happened. Nothing at all dicey happens in the world of Stratford politics, right ?

          • Alta Vista

            Mr. Schlager & Mr. Barber: If Stratford were a better run town, there would be no need for anyone to criticize how our tax dollars are spent. nnI think there are HUGE problems with Stratford that have become worse over the last 20 years. You may not agree. But a lot of people feel this way. nnI know people who tried to sell their homes in Stratford and gave up, because they were on the market for TWO YEARS! Of course, if you’re willing to LOSE money you can easily sell a home in town…nnThe true ‘crime’ of this past election is that u2013 while there are huge issues that divide Stratford u2013 once again we have a tiny minority of voters (less than 30%) deciding our future. nn70% of eligible voters just had this election result shoved down their throats due solely to their own indifference. But watch them all choke and sputter as they pay their increased tax bill next year.nnThis is not democracy, it’s a form of tyranny. And it’s self-inflicted!

          • R Barber

            Well, you know, it rained. Well more sorta sprinkling but it gets dark early ya know. And it was cold and windy out. And all the good cupcakes would have been sold before I got there anyway. And the school gym smells like socks. And I have a sock allergy. And [ insert excuse here ]

    • R Barber

      Dear Joe, in all seriousness, something is not adding up here with the numbers. How did News 12 get their numbers which are significantly higher for Sandra Zalik than what the Town of Stratford is saying ? Not to be paranoid or anything . I didn’t support your candidate but fair is fair and this could affect your candidate as well. Please help figure this out. Carry on !

      • Alta Vista

        R Barber: Neither this outlet nor News 12 boast a display case filled with Pulitzers or Emmys. So both numbers could be wrong. The official totals will be posted online once they are certified by the state. Look for ‘Election Results 2017’ under the Secretary of the State Denise W. Merrill in the state’s web site.

        • R Barber

          Excellent point. Thank-you. They probably are both wrong .

          • Alta Vista

            You are most welcome.

  • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

    did anyone notice the diversity in the above picture?

    • SCR

      Is it a requirement now that one must go find minorities for a group photo?

      • When Does It End

        Oh yes. Thats what our country has been reduced to. Btw. Taco Bell is now racist because they don’t serve French fries. People always looking into things that aren’t there to cause trouble.

    • Alta Vista

      What an awful cheap shot. Reverse bigotry is still bigotry. nnWhy not complain that the photo is based towards one gender? Or that blondes are over-represented? Let’s avoid making the recent election in Stratford about race, shall we?

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