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To the Editor:

I am a lifelong registered Democrat with a lengthy career as a financial services executive, currently holding the position as vice president of agency growth and development with Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America. I know what it takes to make sound financial business decisions, and build collaborative and inclusive teams designed for success. That’s why in our election in Stratford next week I am supporting Laura Hoydick for mayor, and Chris Pia for Town Council in the 1st District where I reside.

I am pleased to have known Laura for many years, and her critical experience as Stratford’s Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, and award- winning work with the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, demonstrate the kind of economic understanding and vision we need in our town’s top post. Her collaborative team-building approach is essential to moving our town away from the divisiveness that has marked the recent work of our town government.

Similarly, Chris Pia has shown himself to be a capable and knowledgeable candidate for Council in the 1st District.  As past president of the Stratford Rotary and Chair of the Stratford Chamber of Commerce, Chris has demonstrated the kind of thoughtful and deliberative leadership our town needs.

I hope town residents, particularly Democrats like me, will put our town ahead of politics, and support Laura Hoydick and Chris Pia on Nov. 7.

Emily Viner

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  • concerned

    Beth Daponte, current Town Council Chairperson, has Laura Hoydick and Chris Pia signs up on her front lawn. Beth is also a Democrat. Apparently she feels the same. Thanks for the great letter!

    • jerry

      I agree with Beth, to support Laura , the SDTC has suffered under the leadership of Stephanie Philips who “stated” that she would support the “endorsed candidates ” Philips engaged in bad behavior , which included slander and political bullying , Philips needs to step down as the SDTC leader

      • jerry Smith

        that she (would not support the endorsed candidates) Philips failed to do her jobn as the SDTC leader

  • Always left, usually right

    This letter reminded me a lot of the letter Beth Daponte wrote when she went rogue.

  • Vote Pia and Hoydick

    Did Beth go rogue or come to her senses? Beth is totally accurate about the dysfunction of this council due to the democratic leadership of Chairman Stephanie Philips. Laura Hoydick is the real deal, she is not like Harkins or any other Republican. She has always invested time in our community well before politics, and to me, that says so much about Laura.

    • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

      As a life long democrat and a former chair of a city committee, I let my pride aside and voted for Ms Phillips, but I’ve been complaining about her leadership from the start , Her non-inclusiveness and focus on self aspirations, Instead of leading our party has been evident for all the time I have been a resident here ,She set up her own headquarters prior to endorsement meeting and did not focus on the party. She also broke policy and allowed endorsementsn without a quorum. She changed venues for endorsement meetings on several occasions and had meetings at the same time as other events. The raising if 30000 in the first weeks ? by a Democrat and bragging about it t when so many in this town are suffering with poverty is despicable, i hope someone will wake up!! You can hob nob with the big Whigs all you want but people are not stupid and ultimately it comes down to likability in elections.

      • jerry Smith

        the sad story is here is a women (Philips ) who from what I hear is that she (rumor) that she encouraged a councilmen ex-wife to run against , boy , that is really in poor taste , she also strong armed people and businesses for votes and broken promises shame !! our town doesn’t need this type of behavior ,

      • jerry Smith

        I agree with you , thanks for sticking up for the people who will not come forward , and voice there concerns , please vote to remove her for the SDTC , and really screen who they put in next no trouble makers

      • jerry Smith

        a lot of promises : to raise that money , which mostly came from out of town business owners , and deal makers ,

      • R Barber

        Then why did you vote for her ?

  • Jessica Hunt

    I wouldn’t vote for Stephanie either!

    • R Barber

      Agree. She has been a huge disappointment as head of the DTC. So much for getting people to collaborate to get things done. Very sad.

      • jerry Smith

        how can vote for Philips , look at her history she has never done anything thing for the following districts 3, 4 that she cares so much for, people in the south -end , please do your home work , Philips is such a great talker , I that case the south end Comm: center should had been rebuilt many years ago

        • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

          Exactly. I think hypocrisy is the worst thing going She drives her leased Lexuses, goes on lavish vacations and benefits form her partners employment in town, she did nothing to help me set up a disabilities forum and commission in Stratford something as a democrat and a certified advocate for persons with disabilities that i thought this town could benefit form . In fact the only person who ever helped me is Joe Gresko who is the best democrat we have. j The DTC is a sham under her control. We have not done one community service thing since she took over- not even collect a can for Sterling house. my democrat values embrace the change to be part of the greater community and recognize the needs of all not just those that i think will benefit me. she should have stepped down as chair i was appalled by her behaviour in establishing her own campaign headquarters before the endorsement meetings , changing venues at 11th hour. fundraising all that cash up front and bragging about it while others are suffering in town. As far as progressive values go I am a ultra progressive liberal from Ma but I learned early that you need to work with people and listen to all sides and embrace the blue dogs and compromise. her behaviour before and after the campaign was deplorable. she hob nobbed with Chris Murphy and the big whigs but did nothing for the common man.

          • jerry Smith

            your so right !! thanks for all that “you do ” to fight for what is right . Philips does not even pay taxes in this town , all her assets belong to partner , her team member should be a shame of themselves , trying to tear the town apart , and wreck nfamilies lives , just over a vote !!!

          • Alta Vista

            LCBC: You complain of hypocrisy yet you write this race-baiting comment (below) about a photograph of Ms. Hoydick’s victory celebration? What exactly are your values, anyway?nn”did anyone notice the diversity in the above picture?”nnAlso, it sounds like spite and envy to complain about Ms. Philips’ economic status. nnCan’t an African-American woman drive a Lexus and take a vacations? Have you criticized any white politician, like say, Kevin Kelly, for the very nice cars he drives? I understand he also goes on vacation occasionally.

          • R Barber

            I don’t think she is a racist, I just think she has been bitten by the green-eyed monster ( is that racist? I hope not). No Lexuses, no nice vacations and no parties in nice restaurants on Election night for other ladies!

          • Alta Vista

            So Stephanie Philips, a successful Black American woman, who drives a nice car and goes on vacation did nothing to help LCBC with her disabilities project. nnTherefore, Philips is a hypocrite? Her behavior u2018deplorable?u2019 Hasnu2019t Ms. Philips worked hard and earned everything she has?nnPhilipsu2019 ability to fund raise, an essential part of any campaign is described as u201cfund raising all that cash up front and bragging about it while others are suffering in town.u201dnnDoes LCBC understand that NO politicianu2019s fund-raising goes to help the poor and the needy? nnPhilips networks with other politicians and itu2019s described as u201cu2026she hob nobbed with Chris Murphy and the big whigs but did nothing for the common man.u201dnnDoes LCBC think politicians talking to each other is a scandal and an offense against the u2018common man?u2019nnThe hypocrite appears to be the author herself. nnAttacking a Black woman for being successful, then also complaining that there were no Black or Latino or other minorities pictured at Laura Hoydicku2019s victory party.

          • R Barber

            Then why did you vote for her ? if you thought she was that bad you could have voted for Sandra Zalik or even made a write in vote for Mitzi. At least you could feel better about your integrity.

      • jerry Smith

        I agree with you , yes its very sad

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