Philips offers ‘real vision, real solutions’

To the Editor:

I have made Stratford home for over 37 years. During that time many people have gotten to know me from my volunteer work in several Stratford civic organizations.

I believe my extensive record and dedication to improving our local government demonstrates true community leadership. For example, I fought to stop the fire sale of town assets like the Water Pollution Control Authority plant and being a leading voice on both the funding and construction of the new Stratford High School and Victoria Soto School, to name just a few.

I am so tired of the negativity getting in the way of accomplishing anything.  In this election, I am providing real vision, real solutions, and real change for Stratford.

As a successful Stratford business owner for 25 years, I’ve created full-time jobs and committed to providing part-time jobs for Stratford youth.  I understand how to attract businesses and employment to our town.  I am a strong advocate for keeping taxes low while intelligently funding education, public safety, and infrastructure. Moving forward as mayor I will:

  • Institute transparency (mayoral open-door policy, neighborhood meetings, etc.) while demanding customer service, civility, and responsiveness from all town employees and elected officials
  • Lower taxes through efficiencies, eliminating wasteful expenses, restructuring, structural changes to the Town Attorney office, and public oversight
  • Fund education while demanding 80% of Board of Education budget goes to classrooms
  • Attract innovative businesses to Stratford by hiring a professional economic development office to bring jobs back to Stratford, focusing on small business.
  • Open the Shakespeare Theatre, advocate for Center School to be converted into a small performing cultural arts center and theater with apartments above. Possibly be the new home of Square One Theater.
  • Push the redevelopment of the Army Engine Plant, it’s time to go after the government aggressively.
  • Expand community policing and crime watch; ensure proper maintenance and security of parks and public areas
  • Acquire and convert the Ella Grasso Complex and therapeutic pool to create senior housing that is affordable, and part-time jobs for seniors
  • Bring civility and bipartisan compromise back to Stratford politics to get things done.

Stephanie Philips

Democratic mayoral candidate

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  • Dave M

    How would you clean up Town Hall, and Registrar of Voters?

    • Anybody but Laura

      The only way to clean up the ROV is to get Lou voted out. Or better yet, give him a taste of his own medicine and tell the truth about some of the things he and his family has done that the records were deleted by John Rowland while John Harkins was a state representative.

      • Linda P

        Lou wasn’t registrar when Roland was in office? What kind of creeper are you to try and mislead people with Fake News? I never saw so many negative comments about a guy who never comments online. You are all conspiracy theorists. Get lives, go read a book or volunteer for something productive.

        • Anybody but Laura

          Lou didn’t have to be in the ROV when Rowland was governor. Someone in Lou’s family did something to get on a state registry list and with Lou & Harkins being buddies, Harkins went to Rowland and had the name removed. I seriously doubt you are the real Linda P because if you were you would know exactly what I am talking about.

    • Dave M.

      And I forgot, how will you also clean up the Recreation Department?

      • Trevor

        What is wrong with the Rec Department? Teams go there and get their permits with no problems. The only ones complaining are the soccer teams that Ken Poisson is involved with.

        • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

          I think its a conflict of interest to have someone in charge that is married to head of a department in town when you become mayor. If Stephanie becomes mayor her partner should resign

          • Trevor

            Wooo there, hold your horses honey. Ms. Patusky has been working for the Town for over 30 years, why should she be forced to resign. If she didn’t work for the Town then I would say not hire her but why should she be fired, you make no sense. I hope something like that happens to you & your spouse. What about Ken Poisson and his wife who are both teachers/coaches and he votes on the budget? You don’t think that is a conflict of interest? I guess when it’s a (D) it’s a conflict but when it’s an (R) it’s acceptable. Are you one of Lou’s & Laura’s trolls?

          • Patricia Clark Sperling

            Lorraine, you obviously have an ax to grind. Pat has been employed by the TOS for 30+ years. So, if Laura Hoydick gets hired, her husband should resign? You didn’t mention that.

          • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

            I have no ax to grind. My beliefs are purely ethical regarding conflict of interest. It is wrong to have anyone oversee a budget of a person that they live with period. That is my belief period. I am sorry it does not jive with your beliefs but I don’t think its right and Im no fan of Hoydick

          • Patricia Clark Sperling

            I don’t think Stephanie would be anything but ethical. When she was on the TC, she abstained from voting on things like that. It wasn’t a problem then, and I doubt it would be any problem if she is elected. I would feel the same if Laura Hoydick were to be elected.

          • Trevor

            Lorraine: Funny how you say this: “It is wrong to have anyone oversee a budget of a person that they live with period.” YET, Ken Poisson has voted on budgets for himself and a person he lives with, yet you fail to address this. Also Bill Perillo quit his job in Westport and will be voting on his own salary, just like Mr. Poisson will be. Why doesn’t this both you? Sounds like different rules for R’s than for D’s. You are not a very fair person are you.

          • SCR

            Resign from what?

          • Bill

            Are you serious? Check the SHA.

          • SCR

            I was not aware of it. Thanks for the response.

          • Trevor

            Really? Paul Hoydick runs the Stratford Housing Authority and is also on the Parks & Recs Committee with his and Laura’s buddy Bill O’Brein. But apparently those things don’t bother you but Stephanie & Pat do bother you. Again, Really?

          • SCR

            I never said one bad word about Pat Patusky. Furthermore, my posts here are searchable. If you can point me to where i stated i was bothered by anyone, with the exception of Lou D., please do. You are confusing me with someone else.

          • Kenny

            How is Tom Malloy still listed on the Housing Authority ?nDidn’t he move out of town and is a registered voter in Woodbury?

    • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

      I come from a small city in Ma where we had one part time person and always fared perfectly with our paper ballots on election day. We can start cutting these kinds of non essential administrative costs and by getting rid of non essential personnel and people like the town clerk who are paid lose to 6 figures where the ave should bearound 40 K

      • Trevor

        This is a town of 50,000, you can’t have one person counting paper ballots. I will agree that the ROV is way to fat and it wasn’t when James Miron was mayor, it was made as part of the Harkins Friends & Family Plan. Do you know that Bridgeport has 3 times as many people as Stratford and their ROV budget is 1/4 of Stratford’s. Does that make sense?

  • Anybody but Stephanie

    Where were you as the Chairman of the Stratford Democrats when your Democrat controlled Council put together a fraudulent budget that devalued our homes?

    • Trevor

      Devalued our homes? Boy you idiots sure come out swinging with the false stories. In the last election Ken Poisson (R-6) campaigned that “Because of the great work of John Harkins, property values in my district fell so there fore that was a reason to raise the mill rate”. Well Mr. Puppet Poisson, my property increase and I made no improvements to it yet my taxes have risen over 10 mills in less than 8 years. At least Stephanie has a plan, Laura is just running around showing up at events to get her picture in the Star. And as for an open door policy, James Miron used to have office hours after 5:00 PM for taxpayers to come in and talk to him. John Harkins never sees people during or after business hours and Laura will be the same. At least Stephanie is trying to make a positive difference in this Town.

      • Tax Free? Just Don’t Pay

        Stephanie’s plan is to increase affordable housing and privatize the garbage pick up for her “boss”. Henry Booze and his buddy who is running for Zoning Stephen Raguskus don’t even own homes. It’s funny how people who don’t pay taxes want to tell people how to spend our money.

        • observer

          If they rent in Stratford they do pay indirectly. But I get your point. I can’t find Parady in the assessors database. Odd how these anarchists are not property owners in town.

        • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

          Sadly you do sometimes judge people by the company they keep. so unfortunate when we need to select the lesser of evils

        • R Barber

          Agree about the affordable housing and the garbage. Also it looks like Stephanie does NOT pay any car or property taxes in Stratford at all according to the Town lookup

      • Fake Numbers

        People like you who give out fake numbers are trolls. Do you buy into your own lies? Since Harkins took office the Mill Rate increased about 2% a year. So no matter how you try to spin it the Mill Rate didn’t go up 10 mills. The statement you made is just untrue. Check the records and you’ll stand corrected. Stop the lies.

        • Trevor

          Dear Fake Numbers, When Miron was in office the mill rate was under 30, now it’s touching 40 so yes that is a 10 mill increase. Check your records and go back to the 3rd grade and learn math. Also try using your real name instead of being a Lou troll.

      • Shakespeare is the Answer

        I bet you believe Shakespeare is the answer to all the towns problems? When’s the referendum on that architectural eyesore? Stephanie saying she wants to get that up and running just tells me she wants to spend our tax dollars on the Shakespeare Theater. For that alone she lost my vote.

        • Trevor

          Laura being a Harkins rubber stamp in Hartford will do the same in Stratford so for that reason alone she has lost my vote. All she does is to stand pretty in front of the cameras.

  • FOR Stratford Endorsement

    Does Stephanie still go to Tom Yemms picnics?

    • Frank Parady

      Nothing like a cowardly troll attempting to link Ms. Philips with Mr. Yemm’s issues…

  • Former SPD

    Is there any truth that Bill Perillo (R-7) quit his job as school security in Westport and was hired at Stratford High? So now you have a councilman that is a paid town employee? Is that not a conflict of interest? Why did he leave his job in Westport? Who promised him the job at SHS, Janet?

    • Trevor

      Funny on how all this stuff about Mr. Perillo is being kept quiet.

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