Dempsey back in Council race — as a Republican

John Dempsey will be on the Election Day ballot to run for the 5th District Town Council seat after all.

John Dempsey

John Dempsey

However, the former Town Councilman will appear as a Republican.

Dempsey was named this week as the GOP’s endorsed candidate for the 5th District seat. He takes over for previous endorsed candidate Kevin Conlan, who withdrew from the race. Conlan said he will “will not have the committed time necessary to serve my district adequately” due to family and “increased civic and business obligations.”

Dempsey will again face off with incumbent 5th District Councilman Greg Cann, who beat Dempsey in a Democratic primary on Sept. 12. Cann also beat Dempsey last October in a special election to replace Rep. Joe Gresko.  


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  • Linda

    Well just call him “Flip/Flop John”. So this guy runs against Greg Cann twice, each with a different party. Lou really has something up his sleeve.

    • For the Students

      When will Greg stop his attacks on the BOE? People are talking about the lawsuit he brought up years ago and are wondering maybe he isn’t happy with his settlement? It’s the only real thing that can explain his hatred. Doesn’t he realize he’s just hurting the kids? If he wanted control of where the BOE spends it’s money he should have run for BOE and not council, it makes no sense.

      • Michael Sullivan

        I can’t speak to the history of lawsuits that you bring up, but I can follow along with the desire for the BOE to be transparent and accurate in their reporting. I don’t believe ANYONE is asking for something to be taken away from students, only for accurate accounting of where the money is being spent. Just give the Superintendent and the COO free reign with little to no oversight? Several people have brought up numerous concerns on accounting in the BOE with little to no response. Answer a question and the questioner will go away, avoid the question, only raises more questions.

      • I’m an (R) Troll

        When are you (R) trolls going to stop this nonsense of unprovoked attacks on Greg. This BOE needs to GO, they are a disgrace and a fraud and they have something to hide. The State law needs to be changed that protects these BOE’s. How high did the taxes rise in Janet’s town of Newtown and Clarence’s town of Fairfield?

  • Patricia Clark Sperling

    What a joke!

    • BOE Custodian

      You know what’s a bigger joke? Someone who complains they aren’t getting enough overtime when they barely did anything to begin with! Am I right or what?

      • Patricia Clark Sperling

        Or someone who sneaks into the BOE building and other schools and steals BOE equipment?

        • Ernie N.

          Are you talking about the custodian that stole from Chapel School and hid the stuff in his garage and then claimed they were picking on him because he’s black? He retired with a full pension, no criminal charges got an extra years salary out of it and moved down south. Talk about a racist playing the race card.

          • Patricia Clark Sperling

            No, there has been another one that was never publicized and he is still working as a BOE custodian. Throughout the years, Sonitrol reports have showed him in buildings when he should not have been, and there were items missing after his entrances.

      • Patricia Clark Sperling

        Where’d you go “star man”?

  • Lifelong

    I am a lifelong resident and a democrat in the 5th. I can’t remember a more dysfunctional council in the history of our town. Can someone please tell me one positive thing they accomplished in 2 years? Vote them all out and let’s start fresh!

    • Patricia Clark Sperling

      Starting “fresh” isn’t going with Dempsey. He’s a past problem of this Town. He should be out of politics.

      • Linda

        Dempsey is just a plumber and as Archie Bunker once said “He’s up to his armpits in toilets” and that’s where is political career has been in the toilet and it needs to stay there and to be flushed into the WPCA.

        • Robyn Greenspan

          My Father was a Union plumber for 35 years, and could answer nearly every question on Jeopardy.

          • Get to the point

            What is your point about your father being a plumber and a Jeopardy whiz?

          • Robyn Greenspan

            My point is “just a plumber” diminishes the role, skill and individual. I don’t think Mr. Dempsey is the right choice for the district, but being a plumber has nothing to do with it.

        • non partisan

          just a plumber? what does that mean? i work in the trades. i also have a four year degree. i happen to feel that there is honor in working for yourself. if you dont think that tradespeople would make effective town officials perhaps youd be happier in a more elitist community. i suggest moving. I vote for the candidate that in my opinion will do the best job regardless of party. some members of the sitting council are an embarrassment to the residents of this town. you know who they are. act like complete idiots. then, the people that support them in these forums are also crass. grow up. economic development is key. think before you spaek

          • Patricia Clark Sperling

            I know someone who lives in a house he built and sold. The plumbing in that house is a disaster – all kinds of problems. I guess he “plumbs” as well as he “politics” – not very well!

    • Trevor

      So you are a Democrat? You feel that 8 years of tax increases totaling 10+ mills is the way to go? Harkins had his 8-9 rubber stamping puppets for 6 years, in the 7th year he met a 5-5 council where he broke the tie to raise taxes and in the 8th year he has a 4-6 council on his side. People are sick of rising taxes with no improvements to this town. These Republican Council/Zoning candidates are all nothing but a new batch of rubber stampers that Laura will control. In the 6th District Mr. Poisson in his 4 years did nothing but raise taxes, rubber stamp the mayor and allowed his soccer kids to run a muck and destroy the $1.5M turf at Penders Field and now you idiots want him back? There are also 2 cops on the ballot that have never shown up at a Town Council or Zoning meeting and you think they are the best candidates to run? All the (R)’s that are running starting with Laura are all supporters of YES. You don’t think they will try to sell the WPCA to New Haven again? You are not a LifeLong you are a LowLife with connections that run back to the Friends & Family Plan that Mr. Harkins started in this town.

  • Thayer

    I will tell you one thing, I am in the plumbers union as a pipe fitter!, I have a college education, but love working with my hands!!!!! I have not heard one candidate bring up our current budget crisis!!! What will happen when our state check for education doesn’t show up???? Not one person has dared to bring it up!! Stratford does not have a budget, are layoffs being consider!! What are we going to do, our elected officials are hiding out on this issue!!! Pensions are the biggest problem and it is not being addressed… my pension is being paid for by me!!!! Not taxpayers it is funded by paying dues!!! The town pensions are not sustainable ANY LONGER! Time has come for some real talk and action, not BU*****T !!!!

    • Trevor

      YOU are one of the knowledgeable ones in these blogs, you speak the truth on how this town has been mis managed and over taxed for the last 8 years and will be for at least the next 4 years once Laura gets in.

      • Thayer

        Thank you, tough times demand even tougher decisions. We cannot continue as if nothing is wrong! The politics in our town has always been a MESS! My parents were raised in this town and I raised my children here as well! I see my parents struggling because of our taxes and I do not want to be in that same situation as many of our senior residents are! They did thier part paid taxes most own thier homes only to be strapped by the taxes they have to pay!!! I love Steatford and plan to stay here to be close to family, but if things remain like this I would be a fool to stay!!!!!

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