Black lives do matter

To the Editor:

I was reading the Aug. 31  issue of The Stratford Star, and read article submitted by Robert Staurovsky. His subject dealt with his indignation of the Black Lives Matter  banner he saw displayed at a church on Huntington Road. Mr. Staurovsky, and others who share his ideology, continuously miss the point. Of course, all lives matter, but when unarmed men, women and children of color die at a disproportionate rate due to police brutality, that is a matter that warrants addressing, which is the premise for BLM’s inception. 

Even as a firefighter, I was challenged by a police officer at a working fire, receiving death threats for initiating action against him. BLM is not a hate group. Hate groups and Fox News spew misinformation and lies that pander to the right-winged conservative base, which always encourage bigotry and racial division. This country refuses to have an honest discussion, with remedies, on the racial discord that folks like Mr. Staurovsky would like to ignore. Mr. Staurovsky and others who share his biases, should visit that church and ask questions about their beliefs.

Establishing a respectful dialogue, is key towards understanding one’s methodology. I did. Nearly a year-and-half ago. I found them to be most gracious and welcoming and diverse. I’m sure you would also. However, Mr. Staurovsky saw a banner and felt compelled to write an article that the creators of hate groups would be proud of. The banner has attracted hateful responses from people, who think like Mr. Staurovsky.

However, I was heartened by this past Aug. 14th’s “Walk Against Hate,” in which a diverse group of Stratford’s residents responded to the tragedy in Virginia. That proved that there are folks that will not be silenced nor ignore division and racial hatred currently supported and encouraged in Washington D.C. Lastly, to answer Mr. Staurovsky’s question of what Jesus would say on this subject, I’m sure His response would be that “Black Lives Matter.”

Paul A. Tavaras

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  • Bravo Paul !

  • Alta Vista

    Thank you, Mr. Tavaras for your well-written response. Most white Americans are truly clueless about their ‘white privilege’ and the way the system is weighted so heavily in their favor.nnCan you imagine what would be going on in this country if say, White Jewish Americans were dying at the hands of law enforcement at the same rate Black Americans are? And in the same extra-legal manner?nnAmerican police today are more heavily armed than they have ever been. And still the excuse is made over and over again, “I was afraid for my life.” That’s why I shot him in the back as he was running away and planted a gun in his dead hand.nnWhen crimes like these stop, they’ll be no need for a BLM movement.

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