Three Council incumbents fall in primaries

Three of eight Town Council candidates who faces primary challenges Tuesday, Sept. 12, lost their races.

Town Council Chairman Beth Daponte lost to newcomer Bieu Tran in the race for the District 1 Democratic council nomination. Tran finished with 154 votes to Daponte’s 128. John Rich finished third with 93 votes. Tran will run against Republican Chris Pia and independent candidate Mark Scheck. Pia beat Scheck for the District 1 GOP nod, 263-87.

District 6 incumbent Councilman Philip Young was surprised by former state Senate candidate Prez Palmer. Palmer won the council nod 99-68.

On the Republican side, 7th District Councilman Marianne “Mitzi” Antezzo lost to Bill Perillo 217-74.

The five other incumbents won their races Tuesday. Scott Farrington-Posner eased to victory over Neil Sherman 139-57 to take the District 2 Democratic nomination. District 3’s council nomination went to Wali Kadeem, who defeated Dion Francis 215-144.

District 4 incumbent Councilman David Harden edged his ex-wife, Indiana Susaña, 90-70. Greg Cann won the District 5 Democratic nomination over former councilman John Dempsey 123-40. And Tina Manus will be on the ballot for a second term as 10th District Councilman after beating challenger Matthew Light 179-50.

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  • Alta Vista

    Does anyone have the percentages of those voting compared to the number of registered voters? nnThese numbers all seem so tiny! I realize voter turnout is low all across the board (shame on us). But 50 to 100 more voters showing up in a district could have changed every one of these races.

    • Tina Marie

      Only 97 Dems showed in the 2013 Dem Primary in District 10–once absentees are added, 2017 will be close to or over 3x that amount. There are a little under 500 Dems registered. If my math, is right about 60% of registered Dems came out.

      • Math 101

        Your math is wrong! There are around 1,000 democrats in the 10th District. So the turnout based on the vote totals seems to be around 25%. No wonder you can’t come up with a budget!

        • Alta Vista

          This is so sad. But you have to understand how clueless Ms. Manus is about local politics. nnIt would be an historic reversal of primary elections if there were anything near 60% of voters participating. The average, I’m told, hovers around 20%.nnBut ignorant of history, Tina crafts a calculation that just makes her look stupid. nnYou would think that with a number that is so high and so contradictory to past results, she would check and double-check her figures before making a public statement.nnHowever, anyone who has followed her political ‘career’ already knows that she lives in a tightly sealed bubble of her own creation. Reality need not apply.

        • Trevor

          May I ask where you got your numbers from? Funny how Tina had more votes than the Republican in that district. She must be doing something right. You want to return the district to MH where is will go down the tubes again.

    • This is because Independents are not allowed to vote in primaries in CT. Independents are the largest voting block in CT.

      • Alta Vista

        And where exactly in America are unaffiliated voters allowed to vote in Republican and Democratic primaries? nnAlso, if you check the statistics you’ll find that active unaffiliated voters are NOT the majority in CT. We are a solidly ‘blue’ state, especially in Presidential elections. Not an opinion, just historic fact.nnTwo sentences and two incorrect statements.nnYou would also learn that the correct term is ‘unaffiliated’ not ‘independent’ since there is a recognized Independent Party here. If you write ‘independent’ on your registration you will be enrolled in that party.

        • Correction. 23 States (though with caveats). Here is the list of states:nnAlabamanArkansasnColoradonGeorgianIllinoisnIndiananMassachusetts (All races’ primaries open for “unenrolled”/unaffiliated voters only)nMichigannMississippinMissourinMontananNew HampshirenNorth Carolina (All races’ primaries open for unaffiliated voters only)nNorth DakotanOhionOklahoma (Only Democratic primary is open to Independent voters as of November 2015)nRhode IslandnSouth CarolinanTennesseenTexasnVermontnVirginianWisconsin

          • Alta Vista

            The truth is actually much more complicated than you describe. nnIn many states with ‘open primaries’ you must register with a party before you’re allowed to vote, eliminating a voter’s status as ‘unaffiliated.’nnWhy this hodgepodge of conflicting requirements? Historically it is in the Republicans favor to suppress the vote and the Democrats favor to have large turn-outs.

          • Trevor Scofield

            I am confused you said that she was wrong… in fact the comment was “two sentences two incorrect statements” she pointed out that you are wrong and in 20+ states they are allowed but you respond with “well you are only partially right but you are still wrong” (paraphrasing. Even if you take just the 2 states she listed specifically with unaffiliated allowed to vote it would mean she is right. So why can’t it be left at that or acknowledged?

          • Alta Vista

            I’m sorry you do not understand my response. Most complex issues do not have simple answers. Your paraphrase of my comment is inaccurate.nnOne other point: Democrats and Republicans who are considered ‘active’ number 1,277,823. Active unaffiliated: 888,476. nnIt is simply a fact that, according to the Secretary of State for Connecticut as of November 1, 2016, there are more voters registered with the two major parties than there are ‘unaffiliated’ or lower case ‘independent.’

  • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

    I need to laugh because it’s late and I’m tired . I want a group photo of the newly selected dem candidates with Stephanie’s arm around Dave and Scott and Tina making the peace sign with Anna scala with a pair of scissors ready to cut everyone’s hair . Oh I forgot. Dave can bring his cookies and wali can bounce a ball but not on daves head oh and thee is Perfect 9 in case they want to form a team. Oh yep no dem candidate for district 7 were allowing one of lou s henchmen to take that role

    • Tasheka Ake Koki

      Congratulations To all the Winners. Looking foward to Many Blessings and much Progress for Stratford as the Lords will Be done in having the Right Canidates to be seated in there prospective offices After Election night comes for the big job up Ahead!! Lets Continue to Pray for The Lords Hand to be upon us for Guidance, Discernment, and to Love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Lets make Stratford and all of CT A Better Place let us Build Together in the spirit of Galations 5:22.

  • Indiana

    I dont understand why the reporters feel the need to continue to referring to me as his ex-wife? That is irrelevent because my opponent could of been a complete stranger and if s/he wasn’t leading right and just giving empty promises, I would of still been the oponent!!

    • Lorraine Cecile Benoit Calzett

      because people like to label women! and maybe the reason you lost because people think its a vendetta instead of your knowledge of the man and what you can do to make a difference That’s sad because you clearly are the better person, I still remember the first day I met you and your beauty elegance and vivaciousness but also you intelligence and knowledge! Please continue to be involved.

    • Sore Loser

      Just except you’re the loser and move on! Everyone knows why you ran and everyone knows you don’t really live in town. Get over it.

      • Indiana

        It is sad that people like you are so easily persuade by people like David who is the one who in fact does not live in Stratfordit and has not live in Stratford since our divorce in fact he has been using his mothers address even when we were married I do live in Stratford and as I’ve said too many others you would be more than welcome to come and have a cup of coffee at my place however I don’t invite Energies like yours into my sacred space. everyone keeps forgetting I divorced David for being the abuser that he actually is … not the other way around but again only the losers are easily convinced by fools

        • Alta Vista

          It must be a record for Stratford that people who don’t live in town are elected to serve the town. It’s also interesting to note that people who live in adjacent towns post comments on this forum.nnIndiana, you do have to accept that your personal issues would overwhelm any discussion of your candidacy. nnHowever, it says something truly awful about this town that a man who’s reputation is clouded by criminal charges u2013 over drunkenly beating his wife u2013 is considered fit for office. nnIt is a black mark against the town and people throughout the region know it and are appalled. nnLet’s also note that he won by a mere 20 votes! Certainly not a ringing endorsement by his neighbors.

          • Indiana

            Correction…. 19 Votes by statues it is mandatory for a recount which will take place on Tuesday per Rick Marcone’s email.nThe district needs changes and none have taken place in the past two years, many people in the district have express so and are willing to work with me as well as me with them to bring those changes. Many did not even know who our district councilman was…. other than the stuffed letter in mail box. nHe fooled many by having state representative standing with him giving false promises to the public Once Again.nBut in the end a title is not needed to bring changes, I live in this community and am a legal resident of the 4th!! That’s enough of a position to be involved and to care about the sorroundings of my daughters upbringings.n I will continue to be engaged and make sure WE the Actual Residence of the 4th keep our “”leader”” accountable for the promises he made on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 to ALL voters.

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