Town Council to choose firm for ranger station demolition

Choosing a firm to tear down an old ranger station to clear the way for a long-awaited dog park will be among the items on the agenda at Monday’s Town Council meeting.

The town’s top board is expected to consider a resolution to accept a bid to complete the demolition of the former ranger station building in Roosevelt Forest at Monday’s regular meeting. That meeting will start at 8 p.m. in the Council Chambers in Town Hall. 

The Building Needs Committee received five bids for the demolition of the vacant ranger station. The lowest came from Ludlow Associates at $21,840. The highest bid was for $65,000 from G Pic & Sons Construction.

Clearing the ranger station will allow for the installation of the dog park in Roosevelt Forest. Creating such a park has been the goal of many residents for about a decade. The Town Council voted in March to approve the dog park in Roosevelt Forest. The park will be named for former Stratford EMT Jared Levine, who died last year. Levine was an animal lover and owned several dogs.

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  • Wile E Coyote

    Choose one for the Shakespeare Theater as well

    • A Black

      Disagree but laughed anyway Wile E

    • Connecticut Sam

      Mr. Cook running as a petition candidate for council in the Third District will work hard if election to get state and federal funded to rebuild Shakespeare Theater for all to enjoy.

      • Alta Vista

        “…if election to get state and federal funded to rebuild Shakespeare Theater…” Can CS explain precisely what CT state and Federal funds she is talking about?nnIf either of these sources of funding were even a possibility (they are not) don’t you think someone would’ve tried that route in the last 30 years?

        • Connecticut Sam

          You are sure running your mouth off with stupid comments, insults and harassment. If elected, my friend, Mr. Cook understands that it is in our new budget, there are no funds for this great theater and ice rink to be repair. The theater has a long history of presenting great enjoyment for many years and great plays. Many tax payers do not want to use public funding’s which we do not have anyway for these repairs. It would break many people who had work there and attended great and enjoyable plays not to repair this theater. Since the governor will reduce state spending for Stratford education, we cannot have the public funded the repairs. Therefore, If my friend, Mr. Cook is elected as a petitioned candidate for council in the Third District, Mr. Cook will meet with our congress members and state legislators who representing us with or without the other nine council members and or new mayor and ask for funds for the theater and for a new ice rink and for other funds and advice including what to do with the Army Plant. This is what the people in Stratford would want and desire. This is a new idea and out of the box thinking. It is outrages that our present mayor, present and past council members refused to ask these people for state and federal funds. Mr. Cook will work hard for all residents of our fine town and not just those residents in the Third District, since our town is small. I am tired and going to bed. Read Mr. Cook, Letter to the Editor and let you all make your mind. Let Alta stop with her insults and harassment and stupid comments. Let her come up with her own recommendations on how to improve our town and how she is going to funds for the ice rink and our theater. Let us hear from our present council member of the Third District on these very issues.

          • Alta Vista

            “It would break many people who had work there…” What an odd comment. nnYou do know the theater has been shuttered for 30 years, right? Have all these ‘broken’ people been walking around town for all that time?nnAt a time when the capital city of CT is looking to file for bankruptcy protection and the state is slashing aid to education for almost 100 towns, I seriously doubt that they are going to respond positively to requests from Stratford for money for an ice rink, a long-closed theater or the massive funds required to clean up the contaminated SAEP.nnIf that is Mr. Cook’s plan, he must be prepared for state officials to laugh in his face. The money is simply not there.nnWe’ve also got to find some way to fill a $21 million dollar hole in our local BOE budget as well.nnSamantha, I honestly think it would be best if you let your ‘friend’ Mr. Cook make the case for his election without your ‘support.’ I don’t think you are helping him.

          • Connecticut Sam

            Your insults prove that you are a bully and a thug with serious mental problems. Mr. Cook is a not asking the city of Hartford to pay for the theater and ice rink. There many who would enjoy the theater and a new ice rink being build. Mr. Cook will meet with our congress members to get funds for both projects. If not, Mr. Cook and those who are interesting in repairing the theater and building a new rink will work hard together to get things done. Mr. Cook is a hard worker. You do nothing but to insult me and the candidates who is running for mayor, governor and council members. How you against these two projects? As stated many times before, I am a friend of Mr. Cook name Samantha, and if you do not believe it. That is your problems. You are full of hate and meanness and insults. Do some good and come up with your own recommendations to make our town better.

          • Alta Vista

            Samantha, it is not an insult to ask that your close personal friend Mr. Cook offer some realistic, fact-based proposals.nnThere have been many, many people before Mr. Cook who are talented and hard working who have tried to re-open the AFST. Hard work and good intentions are simply not enough.nnI do find your writing to be challenging as you don’t follow proper punctuation, correct spelling and sentence structure. nnLike “I am a friend of Mr. Cook name Samantha, and if you do not believe it” or “How you against these two projects?” and “It would break many people heart who had work there” and “That is your problems.”nnYou write that I am a bully, a thug, full of insults, hate and meanness and have serious mental problems. nnYou may be right. But at the very least I’m using facts and proper English.nnThere simply is no state money to fund the projects you list.

          • Connecticut Sam

            Correction: “It would break many people heart who had work there.”

  • Connecticut Sam

    Mr. Cook, candidate for council in the Third District, a dog lover is very happy that there will be a dog park that was needed for many years.

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