Forest Commission to discuss dog park on Wednesday

The Roosevelt Forest Commission will likely decide next week whether they think a dog park is suitable for the town-owned forest.

Commission Chairman Bob David said Thursday that the commission will discuss a recommendation on a dog park location when it holds its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 22. The meeting will take place at Town Hall.

David said he anticipates the commission will make a recommendation to the Town Council at the meeting.

“I presume we’re going to have a vote that night, I’m hoping to,” David said, noting that if a vote doesn’t happen next Wednesday he may call for a special meeting so a decision is made before the next regular Town Council meeting.

“I am cautiously optimistic this can be solved by Wednesday night,” David said, saying that a dog park where an old ranger station is “will be an enhancement to the forest.”

The discussion was prompted after the Town Council voted on Tuesday to refer a dog park recommendation to the Roosevelt Forest Commission. During the council meeting, debate ensued when a pair of councilmen said the commission had already offered its recommendation. David said the commission had not given an official recommendation.

Several speakers at the council’s public forum asked that the council approve a dog park in Roosevelt Forest. The other popular location, Longbrook Park, was opposed by neighbors of the park, who feared a dog park there would cause problems for neighbors.

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  • Joe Pedoto

    Bob David, the Roosevelt Forest Commission Chairman, is a liar.

    An unbelievable, two-faced liar. Please, Stratford, DO NOT TRUST this man or what he says.

    Bob David is simply lying when he now claims the he believes a dog park will be an enhancement to Roosevelt Forest.

    I have been at previous meetings of the dog park sub-committee where he has raised multiple objections to locating the dog park there.

    Among these are:

    1. The park is closed at 4:00 pm and the gate is locked.

    2. The dog park would not be accessible to dog owners for half the year due to events with the Boy Scouts and the activities of the Stratford Police shooting range (used by other police departments as well).

    3. The park is infested with tics.

    4. The Roosevelt Forest Commission WILL NEVER approve this location.

    Bob David is now contradicting what he has said publicly before many witnesses.

    As such I don’t believe his new, revised opinion above. I realize this is only typical in Stratford politics but I do believe the rest of the town should be made aware of the danger of trusting Mr. David.

    • Bill

      You may have forced his hand the other night. The way this town operates you may get two dog parks out of this. Isn’t there any abandoned tennis courts that can be used for a dog park? At one time courts were three across. Just a temporary idea. Of course they would need some softer ground fill material to have a fun on.
      This Tymniak certainly knows how to shuffle money. Look at the way he performed the other night. Good for Kadeem and Manus. She got so into it she had a choking fit. He has to go. Milford was looking at him but must have decided this spoiled bad behaving child from Fairfield is way too fishy for them.
      Funny how they continue to find money when they want something and continue to give the BOE a blank check.

      • Joe Pedoto

        Bill, I agree. There is no constraint on spending for the BOE and most of the current Town Council seems concerned only with their own pet projects.

        Like the lop-sided non-ice skating rink in Longbrook Park with a fence that needs to taken up and down each year that Scott Farmington-Posner shoved through the council. I’m not against a skating rink, but the design of this is a disaster.

        But after 11 years, six of which I have been very involved with the Stratford Dog Park Action Committee, I’m not optimistic.

        But I do believe that Stratford politicians should understand that we taxpayers are not idiots. We hear what they say. We remember what they say. Like the old saw, I was born at night. But not last night.

        • Bill

          Joe, I’m still trying to figure out why this town paid $350,000 for the property at 3704 Main St. Paradise Green (Now a parking lot) formally owned by the genius Dr. Dobas. I believe the landlords should have made this purchase for this parcel to help their tenants in adding parking spaces. Talk about money for a dog park and other ideas that gets wasted. I don’t believe this town has no money. I believe it has a lot of money. After all, the council preaches what they do is for the betterment of everyone.
          The sale took place November 24th, 2015 as listed on the town website.

          • Joe Pedoto

            Bill, we also spent an additional, un-bugeted $600,000 to improve the food stand at the Bunnell High School Field House – all because Tina Manus dressed up in her high school uniform (which really no longer fits) to lurch from her chair and address the Council as a ‘taxpayer.’

            What a performance!

            Unlike the Stratford High School parents who raised the money and did the work themselves on the food stand there.

            Also, Tina we understand that you’ve got to consume lots of food and candy at Council meetings in order to maintain your stellar performance getting your pet projects passed, but how about picking up the wrappers and packaging you throw on the floor?

            The Town Hall janitor is not your personal cleaning service.

          • Bill

            Tymniak found the rest of that money for that project pretty fast. And in my opinion that over borrowed money is done with intent and needs to be returned to the tax payers. But somehow returning the “extra” cash is a violation of some archaic law. Disgusting. When you ask how many past loans the town has done this with and how much money is still out there in these past “projects” the answer is “I don’t know” “it was done before I got here” is the answer someone at the BOE named Clarence gives. When you ask for that answer in writing you never get a response. The town is about 400 million in debt or in their world “bond obligations”.
            Yes, I have noticed that the feeding apparatus near the tenth district’s seat starts out massively full and by 11:15 pm it is empty.

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