Omen & Nemo

To the Editor:

My opinions: When Mayor Harkins praises exceptional acts of Public Works, Police, Fire, EMS, Utilities, & other workers, we agree!

Bridgeport & Stratford workers were arsenals of democracy stalwarts: Revolutionary, Civil, Expansion, World & Cold Wars.

1970s Stratford had more factory jobs than 30,000 residents. Business like Sikorsky, AVCO-Textron, Raybestos, Dictaphone, Dresser, Contract Plating, & more, paid over 75% Stratford taxes.

Mayor Harkins concentrated praising government and quasi-government workers, endorses Tammany Hall’s “spoils system:” Government or allied companies “jobs,” in exchange for “votes.”

Largest Stratford present employers: Sikorsky*, Board of Education & Town.* (Teamsters Union*)

Tammany Hall’s spoils system have been local, state, & national political committees’ foundations.

They effectually control “Hobson choice” elected positions, using Burdon Beasts, gremlins & minions candidates for monied’ & permanent bureaucracies’ classes’ surrogates.

Executive & legislative branches appoint the judicial branch.

Legislative branches creates law (rules) & funding massive government contracts to feeder: finances, industries, academia, & institutions.

Executive branches administers directions: presidential, governor, or mayors.

Governments’ personnel & contractual influence, invisibly empower Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex, & scientific technological elite.

All visible power players are empirically manipulated as unwitting human chess pieces.

When Mayor Harkins relates “Blizzard Nemo,” to Latin’s translation “no body,” he opens Pan-do-Ra’s Box: “All the World’s Evils” were released, except Ho-pe!

Jules Verne: “What one man can imagine, another man (person) can create.”

Fictional antihero, (Prince Dakkar) Captain “Nemo” name (Nemisis) in Greek meant “I give what is due”.

Nemo’s scientific genius character, lusted to avenge against injustice & especially Euro-British imperialism. Since, then, “the Empire apparently devolved,” replaced by “imperialistic Peoples’ Republics. (US-Nazi-USSR-China)”

Since the 1980s I’ve battled political people who targeted myself, family, & others per USPS & multilateral government personnel to protect lives & livelihoods.

They appear anti-religion & pro-corruption, using “Book of Job,” Shakespeare, & cultural or religious foundations for warfare & government malfeasance, recruiting “despicable corruptibles.”

Harkins Nemisis (anagram Isis-men=RA): politicians’ threatening me?

“Blizzard Nemo,” Hurricane “Sandy,” “Sandy Ho-ok,” or any disasters, need courageous responders.

My wandering “I-ma-G.I.-nation” questions if weathermen “Nomenclators” or “Nomen-klatu-RA,” subliminally infer “Omen & Nemo?”


George Mulligan

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