‘Terraforming, not terrorism’

To the Editor:

I believe: 2013-17 Stratford, Bridgeport and Valley can see multi-trillion dollar redevelopment politically delayed since 1970s-1980s, for political and graft reasons.

Here are my supplemental development ideas for Stratford, CT, and World:

Why not: “turn Long Island Sound into a LAKE?” Nevada has Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, & Lake Mead. Dam TURBINES use water gates to create enough electricity to power Las Vegas, Nevada, New Mexico, and Southern California.

Imagine CT to LONG ISLAND virtual mountain, constructed into Long Island Sound.

• High enough that NO TIDE or TIDAL WAVE could breach it. Embed series of TURBINE SITES to “create enough electricity to power most” of: CT, New England, Long Island, NYC, NY, NJ and PA.

• Lives and injuries would be saved, with less property damage, or government and business drain.

• Insurance industry annual savings with reduced claims can reduce insurance rates and increase profits.

• Almost 2 high TIDES daily. Water gates necessary to create electricity can be reversible, with gear ratios to exponentially generate far more electricity per Turbine than at Hoover Dam, with more & far larger Turbines than Hoover Dam.

• Similar to PANAMA & SUEZ Canal LOCKS, ships pass through choke points for Security inspections, while allowing NORMAL TIDES to raise/lower LONG ISLAND SOUND to desired managed heights, & depths. This better manages Water, Coastal Environment.

Environmentalist, water, fish, clam, lobster may oppose? However managed properly, everyone wins.

• Electricity can be used to DESALINATE enough WATER that can be used to refill ALL RESERVOIRS & be used for FARMING, DRINKING, & Brownfield REMEDIATION.

• Conceivable? Only electric or wind powered boats allowed on “Long Island Sound-Lake,” (pollutants reduced.)

• All Construction, Maintenance, Business & Government would benefit creating exceptionally number of highly paid jobs with Benefits, which reverses drains on States & Federal Treasuries & increases Revenues to Treasuries, Social Security, & other Funding.

• Use Funding Construction Bonds for SEED MONEY. ROI would project higher Adjustable Interest Rates to attract investors, reinvigorating America.

• Every Stream and River feeding Long Island Sound could be retrofitted with Watergates and mini-dams or water diversion systems. Mini-hydroelectric power stations can dot the States, cutting number & damage from Power Outages.

• Then repeat: Mississippi, Missouri, Great Lakes, Canals, Rivers & USA streams.

• Instead of Amazon Deforestation, we create “Sahara Rain Forest & Farms” from Desalinated Water from Mediterranean and Atlantic. Inexhaustible desalinated Potable Drinking & Farming Water. Repeat elsewhere.

• Continents Transportation: Create Transcontinental Railroads & Highways.

• Create electric Tractor Trailers, Vans, Cars. Government “Buy American made Automotive Fleets” for: Military; Federal, State, & Local governments! Jump start “economy to scale” cost effective production.

* Kinetic energy from axles & solar energy to multiple, larger, better batteries & alternators. Solve mileage energy storage issues.

• Buildings: Military; Federal, State, Local; Education; Corporate; Private Sector; Skyscrapers, Apartments, Condos; & Homes. Innovative, evolving: solar & kinetic energy.

• Create Sikorsky-Bell “Domestic Emergency,” Helicopter fleets: Flood, Earthquakes, Fires.

• New Technologies: Repeat adjustments around the world.
Replace trafficking: Weapons Systems, Drugs, & reinforcing-perpetuating deception.

George Mulligan

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  • George Mulligan

    I’ve run this idea past multiple people. Here are some feed back & questions about positions in the letter.

    1) What about the impact on the Enviroment & the animal/fish of turning the SALT WATER LONG ISLAND SOUND into FRESH WATER?
    A) NO intent to turn the SOUND into FRESH WATER.
    B) By managing a limited notmal range of high & low TIDES I believe Environ-
    mental impact can be improved by better management.
    C) Fish migration changes can be minimized using controls.
    D) Less pollutants can improve health of fish, lobster, clams, animals birds,
    water growth plants
    E) more

    2) Why have Desalination & Remediation Plantsmixed in with the CANALS/
    The Desalination Plants can be run by TIDE DRIVEN HYDRO-ELECTRIC for the REPURPOSING precious potable water for:
    A) Reservoirs for Drinking & Farming.
    B) Other uses: piping, trucking, packaging for commercial, government, & needs in Emergencies & Profit or Tax generation.
    C) To be used for tranporting clean water for Brownfields.
    D) Remediation can use Hydro-electric capacity for amortized cost effective
    cleaning / separation of Toxins
    E) more

    3) Why have Hydro-Electric plants mixed in with the DAM/CANALS/MATRIX?
    A) Cost effective Electricity is always needed & the potential dwarfs HOOVER
    DAM / LAKE MEAD, which provides power to Southern CA, NV, AZ, CO, etc.
    – I believe power generated can benefit all of New England, NY, NJ, & PA with
    at least partial power.
    B) There are 2 high Tides & 2 low Tides, whereas WATER GATES affect the
    TURBINE GENERATION. As long as there are Tides, energy exists to move the
    WATER GATES and make TURBINE GENERATED Electricity.
    C) Electric Cars, Boats, Trucks, Homes, Businesses, Government Buildings &
    needs for Military, Feds, States, & Locals can benefit.

    4) What about the areas of CT, LI, RI, & MA, which will have Ocean Water
    blocked from Long Island Sound.
    A) I hadn’t thought of that, however I believe ENGINEERS already work on plans
    B) Part of the cost benefit will find ways to address those issues.

    5) Where will the MONEY come from?
    A) SEED Money can be privately or publically raised or jointly raised if the Return
    On Investment can cost justify doing a project.
    B) Marshall Plan only cost $ 13 Billion in 4 years & multiplier effects of that was
    able to rebuild Western Europe, Pacific Rim, the United States economy.
    – Compared to the $ 750 BILLION stolen in T.A.R.P.; $ 40 TRILLION stolen in
    REAL ESTATE; $ 200 TRILLION siphoned in OIL / GAS; & TRILLIONS stolen
    in Stocks & Bonds, SEED MONEY makes ECONOMIES GROW.
    – William F Buckey was no wild eyed Liberal, but Godfather to Conservativism.
    He pointed out the DEBT of the BRITISH EMPIRE under Queen Victory was
    over 1000% of the EMPIRE’S equivalent of GNP or GDP. The Empire’s assets
    dwarfed the 18th Century Capitalized equivalent of the “DOOMSDAY BOOK.”
    – Keynesian monetary theory was zero sum, as are Budget Accounting.
    – Milton Friedman improve areas of Keynesian theory, but even Keynes
    maintained needs for flexibility. Some of Friedmans’ bases were destroyed by
    Marxist (seeds of Destruction) & Hegelian Dialectical Theory espoused by Schumpeter’s Creative Destruction, yet War Gamed towards areas no man has
    gone before.
    – Laffer theory can be incorporated into Government Tax generation Benefits &
    cost analysis, especially as it relates to multiplier affects of M1, M2, M3, M4, & with the yet defined M5 in the shadows.
    M1 = Physical Money
    M2 = M1 + Short Term Deposits + 24 Hour Money Market
    M3 = M2 + Longer Term Deposits / Markets
    M4 = M3 + Other Deposits
    M5 = M4 + Tangible & Intangible Assets, yet to be defined
    – Cornucopian quantum monetary theory leverages Intellectual, Technologic,
    and Capital assets into exponentially cascading value increases. At least in
    my mind.
    BOTTOM LINE: If this is the BEST & SAFEST INVESTMENT, will it attract interest
    of investors, including governments?

    TOP LINE: There are too many off the shelf technologies & opportunities that
    are collecting dust, not unlike “Setec Astronomy.”

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