Angry about weapons ban discussion

To the Editor:

I have thought long and hard over the course of some days about the Jan. 14 Town Council meeting. I’ve followed the E-mails and news reports pertaining to Ms. Phillips resolution.

The events at Sandy Hook were horrific and obviously signaled a shift in consciousness for the entire nation. I continue to pray for those affected as no amount of teddy bears, fund raising or legislation will ever make that event okay. The scars will linger for our lifetime.

While Ms. Phillips resolution defines some of the discussion our nation should have as a whole, across a broad spectrum of issues, its inclusion on the Jan. 14 agenda was not appropriate. To attach Vicki Soto’s name to it, in my opinion, was not appropriate.

The Jan. 14 meeting was supposed to be about healing, compassion and human dignity. It was about healing as a community and offering a path for the grieving and affected to become whole. The Jan. 14 meeting was about Victoria Soto, her family and friends and about Stratford as a community. It was not the place for political vitriol about 2nd amendment arguments or discussions about gun control or mental health issues.

The meeting was about celebrating the life of our fallen hero with dignity and respect for the grieving family and friends. The renaming of Honeyspot House as Victoria Soto house while maintaining the identity of Stratford Academy is completely appropriate. Ms. Phillips is right about one thing; it is not enough, and more will be done. Yet nothing we can do as a Town Council will ever be enough to wash away the stain of this horrific event.

I am saddened and angry that tonight’s meeting could devolve into a discussion about the nature of Ms. Phillips resolution and its inclusion or not. I will regret that it takes away from the true nature of tonight’s meeting, which is honoring this senseless loss of one of Stratford’s own beloved daughters, with dignity and compassion.

Matthew P. Catalano

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  • George Mulligan

    I was one of the last Jan 14 Public Forum speakers.
    My comments started with my deepest & sincerest sympathies to all of the
    families, as these were all people, human beings, whose lives were lost &
    were loved by their families.

    I agree with the position noted above by Matt Catalano.

    Unfortunately several Democrats started their Public Forum comments about
    Councilwoman Stephanie Philips & her resolution which the Chairman had
    refused to put on the agenda. I had no idea of the content of her resolution.

    I thought it came across as being in very poor taste to lead with naming the Town Councilwoman, instead of the loss of lives involved & impact on those
    who loved them.

    there’s a 70 year old Technology (MK-ULTRA – Mind control like Manchurian
    Candidate) which leaves NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE & POLICE refuse to even
    consider that person(s) unknown could manipulate unwitting Triggermen to
    cause Sandy Hook or Aurora CO., for POLITICAL REASONS & AGENDAS as well as feeding sadistic, schadenfreude perverted EGOS.

    My opinion is many Republicans are always doing tasteless things too.
    In this case Republican Catalano wrote mostly as a person, as it’s impossible
    to separate politics in certain things, unfortunately.

    I like Stephanie. I like the Councilors. I like them as people. I COMPLETELY
    disagree with MOST of the POLITICAL ACTIONS by BOTH PARTIES since the
    1980s, as being SELFISH & SELF SERVING, hurting the General Population
    with OVER TAXATION & terrible decisions, based on POLITICS.

    In my PUBLIC FORUM comments, I pointed out on a DAILY BASIS, 30 Americans kill each other. And those numbers are DOWN from the DRUG
    WARS, mostly in the INNER CITIES in the 1970s, 1980s & beyond.

    While OBAMA signed 19 or 23 Executive Orders about GUN Sale restrictions,
    which is approximately what Stephanie’s resolution was about, they are a farce.
    1) Adam Lanza’s mother bought the guns which were used in the murders of
    20 children 6, 7, & 8 years old & the 7 other people + Lanza. I strongly suspect
    Mrs. Lanza would still be able to buy those SAME GUNS?

    2) Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Peoples’ minds cause people to die. The BIBLE is filled with SMITING! Thousands of people would be SMITED
    ~ Roman empire mastered killing 100,000s tribes. Prisoners were then allowed to fight each other or animals. No one had guns then.
    ~ Visigoths, Mongols, Franks, Moslems, Crusades, Spain, Germany, Celts /
    Gauls, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, Jews/Israelis, Philistines, Egypt, Babylon.
    Japan, China, India & other places thinned populations killing people without
    & then later with forms of Guns.
    ~ Obama’s executive Orders don’t seem to apply to Weapons Trade of the USA,
    England, France, China, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, & elsewhere.
    Unless & until the major countries of the world decide MASS MURDER by the
    highly profitable WEAPONS SYSTEMS & DRUG TRAFFIC don’t have the same
    COST BENEFIT & ROI as Terraforming & raising Human (Inalienable) Rights,
    than Democrats & Republicans, & others can posture all they want ….. G U N S
    are a TOOL.

    3) To me the GREATEST DANGER to HUMANITY is MIND CONTROL, which is
    ~ UHF/VHF & Visual among other ways can be used to manipulate peoples’
    ~ There are maybe 4 Billion people who have cell phones with Audio & most with Video capacity.
    ~ People use telephones – subliminal audio?
    ~ People us TV & Computer Monitors – subliminal audio / video?

    While there are dangers from ATOMIC, NUCLEAR, GUNPOWDER, CHEMICAL,
    BIOLOGIC, GENETICS, ELECTRO MAGNETIC & others ….. control of peoples
    minds, to me, is the most dangerous.

    The world’s leaders are very intelligent & have always had complete disdain to
    the lives of other people. They create Wars & Suffering for diversions & for their
    personal amusement.

    All it takes is one IDIOT in the WRONG PLACE willing to SCREW with everyone,
    likely including himself …. since the highest power tend to delegate …. and the
    same IDIOT who sends a missle loaded DRONE to blow up an AFGHAN school for amusement, hiding behind a computer monitor, if he gets access to
    the MIND CONTROL PROGRAM, he’s screwed everyone & likely himself.

  • George Mulligan

    This is the first 1/2 of a Letter to the Editor offered to the Star on
    December 31 & January 7. The Star choose not to Print it.
    I deem it very important to post.
    The other 1/2 deals with unique & obtuse clues & patterns which
    are not clear, plain, nor evident, linking certain horror events.

    December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook-NEWTOWN murders touched Stratford & all
    Americans deeply.
    I’ve seen (Enigmas & Epiphanies?) Elements of this heinous Crime before,
    which won’t show up on Police: “Preliminary or Follow-up Investigation Forms.”
    Police acronym: P.R.E.L.I.M.I.N.A.R.Y. DUTIES, can be professionally
    sabotaged, which sabotages the follow-up investigation.
    Detectives use standard methodologies to investigate crimes, using:
    abduction, induction, & deduction for “likely explanations of events.”
    However if KEY VARIABLES aren’t identified & defined, then aren’t wrong
    questions asked? Therefore can the “hypothesis necessary to solve the crime,
    be formulated, tested, or validated?”
    Crimes can appear solved! However, “hypothetically,” if perpetrators &
    investigators were unwittingly manipulated, are the crimes solved?
    Or, are “causal agents, handling agents, or control agents” still free to choose
    other targets to manipulate & victimize; which victimizes other people?
    Murders are normally crimes of passion or greed.
    However “Political Murders” are premeditatedly created to achieve objectives. .
    These include creating Wars with “no intent to win Militarily,” but “achieve
    Political Objectives.” (Korea, So. Vietnam, & Kuwait-Iraq-Afghan?)
    Governments use Planning & Operations to build circumstances & manipulate
    people (sometimes over DECADES), to achieve Political Objectives.
    You can Verify:
    DECADES of “Mind Control TECHNOLOGIES:”
    * MK-ULTRA;
    * H.A.A.R.P.;
    * R.E.M..
    1959 “Manchurian Candidate movie,” was about Mind Control “unwitting
    1975 Frank Church Committee reported “Unconstitutional & Illegal Acts by:
    * DOD;
    * CIA;
    * FBI/Justice;
    Since December 1984, I appealed to managements: USPS, NALC (union),
    NLRB, EEOC, FBI-Justice, CIA, DOD, Elected, & Capitol/White House about
    potential “Going Postal” Malfeasance.
    Since April 1995, I made Stratford & Fairfield Police, FBI-Justice aware of
    a “different type of Criminal & Crime.”
    I lacked “nomenclatural samples & credible empirical evidence:”
    “authorities’ officials” were
    “unwittingly in harness” or controlled,
    by Planning & Operations decades long term
    covert Cultivation & Manipulation.
    Since 1998, I’ve made Stratford Town: Councils; Rank Police; Attorneys, &
    Managers/Mayors aware of Issues.
    Also Media! (& all subsequently)
    September 10, 2001:
    My handouts to Stratford’s Town Council, preceded next Day
    WTC & PEN-TAG-ON attacks,
    were verifiably “Macro-economically prescient!”
    Fictitious Television shows, like NUMB3RS, use Mathematical & Science
    patterns & clues identifying & solving crimes outside
    “Standard Elements of Crimes.”
    > Following: “Mathematically unlikely Coincidences, or
    Long Term covert Premeditated Manipulation?”

    I’m intentionally with holding the other 1/2 of this Letter
    pending discussion with the Stratford Star.
    They may block this post, as is their right.
    They may withdraw this post?
    They may let it stand?

    The question I raise I believe is a crucial PUBLIC ISSUE:
    be caused by creatures in the Government or Private Sector using a

    Another Addendum or Supplemental part of this POST.
    raises many positions analogous to my past writings in the STAR, BARD,
    POST, & PATCH (which MAY be working for local connections?)
    I do not enjoy criticizing people who outside of political decision seem decent
    & well intended.
    However I can prove Stratford Tax Payers overpay by 40 % with LAWYERS,
    POLICE, RANK OFFICIALS, & POLITICALLY connected living well on Tax $$.

    75% of Americans now desire Congress/Senate TERMS LIMITS.
    I fear VIOLENCE is being PROVOKED to PIT hard pressed PUBLIC against
    the FRONT LINE protectors of the POLITICAL PATRICIANS & ROYALTY who
    WEAPONS TRAFFIC – Oliver Stone claims USA sells 78% of World Weapons

    I support the U S CONSTITUTION & LEGAL LAWS of the United States.
    I’m against Violence & Political PROSTITUTION.

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