Town Council won’t take up weapons ban resolution

Councilmember Stephanie Philips (D-2nd) says she has been rebuffed in her efforts to introduce a resolution seeking the council’s support of a federal ban on assault weapons.

In an email released to the media on Thursday, Jan. 10, Philips said that Stratford’s Town Council Chairman Joseph Kubic (R-9th) has declined to place the resolution on Monday’s agenda.

Philips said she advocates for the passage of an assualt weapons ban and would introduce the resolution at the Jan. 14 meeting to honor slain Sandy Hook Elementary School teacher and Stratford and resident Victoria Soto. Monday will mark the one month anniversary of the killings that claimed 26 lives, including 20 children and 6 adults.

Kubic has cited timing as a main reason he has left the resolution off the agenda. “I just don’t think the resolution that Stephanie proposed is appropriate for Monday’s meeting in light of the fact that we already have a resolution to rename a school in honor of Victoria Soto scheduled before the council,” Kubic said.

Mayor John A. Harkins proposed the renaming of Honeyspot Elementary School in memory of Soto on Monday, Jan. 7. The measure requires approval from the Town Council and Kubic says the resolution to rename the school will be on the council’s agenda.

Philips acknowledged the mayor’s gesture in the press release. “Although, we all agree to memorialize Vicki Soto with renaming a schooI,” Philips said, “I believe we have not done enough until we act at every level to reduce, at minimum, the opportunities for mass gun violence in our society. This resolution urges Congress and our State officials to act immediately to reduce future tragedies.”

Kubic contends that the Stratford Town Council may not be the proper forum for taking up the issue of gun control. “What happened in Sandy Hook is horrible and everybody obviously feels terrible for the people of Newtown and those affected by the shooting,” Kubic said. “But I expect the State Legislature and Congress to address the issue of gun control.”

Philips’ resolution, among other things, calls for the council, on behalf of the residents of Stratford, to express condolences to the victims and families of Sandy Hook. The resolution also calls on the Town Council “to express support for the efforts begun by the President and Congress to understand the causes of such violence, the role of firearms in such tragedies, and effective actions that can be taken to prevent and deter such acts of violence.”

“The issues in Stephanie’s resolution are all worth discussion, but I’m not sure the Town Council is the right place for it,” Kubic said. “It doesn’t mean we can’t consider taking it up in the future.”

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  • LawDog

    Kudos to the council for denying this introduction.
    “Councilmember “Philips seems to be attempting to introduce her beliefs that an assault weapons ban is representative of the Town of Stratford, collectively.
    This could not be further from the truth but seems to be consistent with the manner in which the democratic party, as a whole, conducts business.
    I find it very interesting that the ideology of the party screams for personal freedoms and choices (abortion, gay rights, etc) but when things happen proving that their initial position was uneducated and flawed, they will redirect the focus and attack what their opposition holds dear (the Constitution.)
    Rather than worry about banning weapons, essentially removing a right provided by our Founding Fathers, how about we address the real issue? There are mentally deficient members of our society who are forcibly mainstreamed into the community so that those to the left can “feel good” about themselves.
    While I agree that the best quality of life possible should be afforded to all people, a disservice is being done by making those with afflictions integrate into a society where they will always struggle to fit in. Wouldn’t it be frustrating to always be trying to be part of the group but knowing that it can not and will not ever happen? What’s wrong with accepting that some people are born different and then sharing that acceptance with them? I would much rather be a part of a society made up of individuals more similar to me and my capabilities than to be forced to live in a world where I have no chance to blend in or excel.
    Let’s not be tricked into drinking the kool aid but continue to think on our own. Disassembling our Constitution is a dangerous and slippery slope to the downfall of our country.

  • Rosalind

    Kudos to Ms. Philips for addressing the elephant in the room and seeking to do more about the out-of-control gun violence in this country. While renaming a school in memory of Victoria Soto is a splendid idea, it only just begins to help heal the great wound in America this violence has perpetuated.

    Ms. Philips is absolutely within her right to use the seat she was duly elected for to bring this up for discussion. The people of Stratford SHOULD be thankful to see it on the table and hear what our leaders in town have to say on the matter. Of course, they can’t and won’t make legislation to affect gun laws, but doing more than glad-handing is what they were elected for.

    The NRA and LawDog want to blame societies ills in this case on the mentally ill, which only addresses one part of the problem, and in only one self-serving way. The same people who denounce mental illness as the cause are also generally against all those *Democratic* measures that have sought to address them. Same with dealing reasonably with gun control. Instead of acting like grown adults about responsible control – why do we need a society with access to guns with magazines capable of shooting 30 bullets in seconds. Each one of those bullets designed to being devastatingly deadly when at the hand of a human with intent to kill. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people with the ONE piece of machinery built specifically for that purpose.

    I find LawDog’s ‘objection by projection’ towards Democratic leadership in this situation tiring. While he/she doesn’t say that he/she is a Republican, it is implied by applying all the worst aspects of the Republican mindset on his/her target. Please, spare us your miserable rant next time – we are very weary of the blame game and your inability of accepting due responsibility for the many messes made by the GOP.

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