Ethical deserts’ desserts

To the Editor:

“I believe:” certain “accepted facts” creates “conventional wisdom’s beliefs” affected by whether you’re predator, prey, witness, accessory, bystander, uninvolved, or “future feed” for cowardly, bullying, sadists’ crocodiles?

December 4th we buried my cousin’s son.  

December 4th Federal Court cleared Town & Police in Harborside fight. “Bolstered:” “Attorneys Burturla; Holcomb; & Federal Court’s; reputation” supporting police & Government. Sinister knights? (Captures pawns?)

December 5th State Court ruled Mayor Harkins illegally hired EMS Director, violating Town Charter. “Bolstered:” Plaintiff; “Flawed Stratford Town Charter;” & State Court Judge. (Pawns sacrificed? Appearances?)

Burturla: father retired Stratford Police Captain; brother Stratford Police Chief, & CT State Trooper Homeland Security head. Democratic Committee Chairman, allowed Kevin Kelly unopposed for State Senate. 

Town Attorney, State Senator, Kevin Kelly’s mother: Stratford Police Chief’s Secretary.

Kelly, Burturla, & Florek were Stratford Town Attorneys: Rank Police Super-pensions, & Charter Revisions 1 & 2. (Appearances?)

September 23, 1997 my paternal uncle died (DOB 10/12/2016) (Maternal Uncle DOD 10/12/1986).

September 23, 2004, Federal Court Clerk filed verdict against my civil trial against Stratford Police Chief Mossman, represented by Holcomb. Ex-Bridgeport City Attorney’s nephew was placed representing me. Federal Judge prohibited from taking over PRO SE. (Appearances?)

“Information asymmetry” & “Planning & Operations,” applies in economic contract theory; politics, governments, business, media, ESPioNage, & WARS.  Professor Moriarty like terrorists love: multipurpose foundational symmetry & Supra Anti-Constitutional, Anti-Religious, anti-Belief; seductions towards inevitable Machiavellian betrayal.  

“Plausible deniability:” created minimizing evidence of wrong doing,” to protect “Chains of Command’s Directors.”

 “Power corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts, absolutely.” Lord Acton

“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Arthur Conan Doyle.

“Ethics:” Moral principles governing individual & group behavior.

“We are Technological Giants & Ethical Infants.” Oppenheimer, or Omar Bradley?

“Wrong war, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, & Wrong Enemy!” Omar Bradley.

“Allegory of the Cave” explains Eisenhower: “Scientific Technological Elite controlled Public Opinion.”

Nixon installed Tapes, proving hidden government, Eisenhower described.

“Follow the Money!”

TIME Magazine 1985-87s: “96% of $100 bills had Cocaine traces.

Eisenhower’s Military Industrial complex? Lobbyists,’ Political donations’, “Bribery & High Crimes,” connecting: War & suppliers; Petrochemical pricing; Wall Street; Contracts; Taxation; Credit Rates & availability; Stocks-Bonds; Insiders; Real Estate; Insurance; Pensions; Retirements; T.A.R.P.; Stimulus.

“Civil prosecution needs preponderant evidence!” “Criminal prosecution needs beyond reasonable doubt!” 

“Compartmentalization” isolates distinct parts, knowledge, & oversight.

“Buy when there’s blood in the streets.” Baron Rothschild, or Rockefeller?

“All great fortunes are based on crimes.” Balzac.

“Cause & effect” create consequences & changes. “Dialectics” find hypothesis, truths, contradictions, sublation, synthesis, adjustments, & cycles. “Checks & Balances” supposedly counterbalance limited powers.

“Patriot Act” embodies Eisenhower’s “Unwarranted Influence.”

Supposedly, who were: Kim (MI6 OBE-wan) Philby; Aldridge (CIA) Ames; & Robert (FBI) Hanssen?

What if ChurchILL, nEVILle ChAMBERlain, HITler, VI LEnin, Stalin, Yamamoto, HANovers, Rothschilds, dISRAELi, GladSTONE, Junkers, ROMANov’s, & ShoGUNs were manipulated in “controlled wars?”

What if “English speaking & reading peoples’ subordinated stratified systems” are intentionally “corruptly manipulated,” emulating NotTingham’s Sheriff’s cruelty? Next families?! Yours?!

George Mulligan

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