Sum of all fears

I believe: Hypothetically, what if? ~Foreign-hidden domestic power(s) caused WW I, the Depression, WW II, & subsequent degeneration of First World Governments’ using secrecy, deceit, greed, bribery, high crimes, treason, ideology, ego, terror, illusions, subversion, manipulation, & cultural/ethnic/religious “trigger-icons?” *Edited Federalist #4: ~One government can collect/avail itself of talents/experience of the ablest men, in whatever part of the Union, moving on uniform principles of policy.

It can harmonize, assimilate, and protect several parts-members, extending benefits of foresight/precautions. In formation of treaties, it’ll regard interests of the whole, and the interests of the parts, applying resources/power of the whole to defense of any part. …place militia under one discipline, and, officers in line of subordination, consolidate into one corps. *Edited Federalist #25: ~Truth, experience of ages attested, that people are always most in danger when means of injuring their rights are in possession of those of whom they entertain the least suspicion. ~Ambition of Members may be stimulated by separate/independent possession of military forces, affording temptation to make enterprises upon, & finally to “subvert, the Constitutional authority of the Union.” ~Army, when once raised, from whatever cause, or pretext, may be applied to the execution of projects. ~Some counterpoise, and pretenses, could easily be contrived. In this situation, military establishments, nourished by mutual jealousy, would swell beyond their natural/proper size; and being at the separate disposal of the members, they would be engines for the “Abridgment or Demolition of the National Authority.” *Our Judeo-Catholic-Christian Torah/Bibles, have stories of Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, & Roman Captivities, with Wars to conquer the “promised land.” ~Are Weapons & Oil-Gas Sellers feeding on abusing beliefs? ~What if Disraeli, Gladstone, Rothschild, Hanovers, Romanoff, Orleans, Washington, & Hess, were Actors-Agents? *William the (Bad Star) Conqueror’s Normans overwhelmed Anglo-Saxon Castles/Royals. ~Was Normandy Invasion planned to counterpoint & abusively manipulate Anglo-American beliefs? ~What if PLANT-AGE-NET & Colonizing by English speaking peoples to conquer 25% of the World’s Land & Peoples were like using Jews & Diasporas, for foundations, consolidation, & usurpations’ dictatorships? *Do soldiers deserve being BAIT & FODDER?: Lexington, Impressment, Sumpter, Maine, 9/11/2011; Pearl Harbor; KOReAN; SO. VIETnam(Man); 9/11-2001/2012-wMD; Osama-Obama; etc? *Why’d police, judges, elected, appointed desire being vulnerably overcompensated, betraying families-neighbors with drugs, crimes, & wars, preoccupying Public masses, for Graft? *”Sum of all (Mario Puzo) Fears?” “M.A.D.-Atomic-Nuclear;” Chemical-Biologic; MK-Ultra; Genetics; H.A.A.R.P.; & Neutron-Electro-Magnetic-Pulse/Earth Core! *Why’d Intellectual Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Masons, & Americans, be willingly seduced from beliefs’ systems, religions, philosophies, & cultures; which our past giants & grunts (like us) worked for sustainable systems: Work, meritocracy, decency, & support? ~I believe these are Town Council mutually-reinforcing approved High Crimes & Bribery: Mayor Harkins $ 21,000 un-voucher-ed expense; Unsupervised Attorney Billings/Opinions/Directions; BoE & Rank pay, benefits, pensions; & much more! ~I believe every court, prosecutorial, & investigatory; Congress/Legislative; Rank Executive; Rank Bureaucracy, & Rank Military has intentionally been rendered contemptible, towards world government. *”Dancing with the Devils:” You’d become deceiving liars’ pawns-prey; “hoping against betrayal;” whereas nobody would be left to help you? (Martin Niem√∂ller poem)

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