Stratford and the Obamacare mandate

To the Editor:

Saint James Roman Catholic Church is on Main Street, here in Stratford. A few short feet away across the parking lot sits Saint James Catholic School.

Saint Marks Roman Catholic Church is off of Wigwam, in the north end of town. Like Saint James, Saint Mark’s Catholic school sits across the parking lot from the church. In fact, the school buildings for all five Catholic parishes here in Stratford sit on the same property as the church.

To state the obvious, this is more than just a geographic coincidence. The parish church and the affiliated school are part of the same mission of the Church, even if they play somewhat different roles. While not an exhaustive list, the church building is where Mass is said, the gospel is preached, and the sacraments are administered. The Catholic school is where the rich deposit of faith is passed on to a new generation of Catholics. Learning and living the faith are two sides of the same coin.

Yet according to the likes of President Obama, his HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the deranged Nancy Pelosi, and Catholic-educated Congresswomen Rosa DeLauro, Catholic schools are not religious institutions, when it comes to the requirement that the Church violate her own teachings due to Obamacare.

First and foremost, this decision by the most lawless administration in the history of this nation is a direct violation of the freedom of religion principle enshrined in the First Amendment. Democrats are directly undermining the very Constitution they vowed to uphold.

Secondly, what possible moral, ethical, legal, or intellectual capacity does the President or his HHS secretary have to even make such a ruling? Does sitting in a church where the pastor cursed the United States, a few short days after September 11, 2001 qualify one as an expert on religion?

But the biggest outrage of all is that all of this was known before November 2012. Seduced by free stuff, ranging from Obama-phones to corporate welfare, the majority of people voted to trash other people’s freedoms, in order to keep getting the fruits of other people’s labor.

Jerry Cunningham

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